Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well my bags aren't even close to packed and I'm not ready to go...BUT I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning. Headed to the cold, grey, midwest for Easter with the Christensen crew. Though I dread the weather and the fact that I don't actually own any winter clothes anymore - I can't wait to see the family.

I think I've decided to leave the laptop at home and avoid the internet for the week but feel free to follow me via twitter (bhchristensen) as I will probably be updating that with texting (it updates my blog as well).

Wanted to share some positive feedback I got this week about this blog...I didn't ask their permissions so I'm not posting the full messages or their names.

From a dear friend via facebook message:

beeks-okay, seriously, you are one of the most insightful people i've ever known in my entire are SUCH an encouragement to me, girl. i've been reading your blog and just tearing up. god is going to use you for such amazing things, and i am SO LUCKY that i am able to call you my friend. - from IL

Thanks for the sweet message friend, I'm so glad you've enjoyed my blog style rambling and it is I who feel honored to have YOU for a friend.

Becca: its fun and meaningful to see you blogging about your relationship with your Dad and with All Pro Dad. - from IN

All Pro Dad will forever have a special place in my heart & life. It gives me the joy of a connection to my own APD, as well as the opportunity to encourage families to value each other. Thanks for reading my blog entry and I look forward to seeing you at events very soon!

Alright, that's all for now.


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Di said...

only good at being young? silly girl... you're good at all of the new challenges life presents you by seeing them as opportunities and remaining true to who you are. you'll be good at whatever is thrown your way! what a seldom experience it has been to have a friend i can count on to always be genuine. keep it real, gorgeous!