Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New York Giveaway!

Please excuse my absense from the blog, I've been busying having a freakish OCD attack and cleaning my whole house. Oh and redoing my budget, cooking like a crazy, learning to bake homemade bread, reading books...you know, the usual.

But hopefully from here on out I'm back for good because I've been missing blog world something fierce. Let me re-enter after a several day absense with my New York giveaway which will again not thrill my guy readers (sorry!)...

I thought I'd get us in the mood for summer SO this weeks giveawy will be bronzing powder from H & M and coconut and lime lip shine.

Bronzer and lip gloss (or burt's bees tinted chapstick) are my must haves for everyday. Ok, along with mascara. But if I have those 3, I'm good to go for the day-to-day. So, let's keep this simple because honestly the hoops you have to jump through to enter giveaways lately is just tiresome. To enter all you have to do is be a follower of this blog (which I hope you are/want to be anyway) and comment below. Ta da, entered.

You have until Friday at 5:00 - then I announce the winner, get their info, and mail them their prizes! Woot.



Friday, May 27, 2011

Scattered but Valuable Thoughts.

Well my mind has been going a mile a minute the last three days and thankfully, I took notes. All that chaos in my brain and I actually came up with a great game plan for the next year. Yes, that's right - I go on vacation and I come back with a 'one year plan'. Hey, I'm terrible at plenty of things (like math) but one thing I'm not is unmotivated.

I tackled a 75 item to do list on my half day (so much for that nap) yesterday before cooking dinner for a date night with my love.

I appreciate so many things about Thomas and and about my life since he's entered it, but lately I'm most thankful that he's add a whole new level of motivation when I think about my future. I think my parents are appreciate some of those changes as they witness them as well.

I've always been a fairly motivated child. I begged my parents to let me get a job the day I turned 15. They thought I was crazy since neither of my sisters shared my love for making money. I've never been as miserable as I was the semester I tried to not work in college. I love love love to work. I can't even quite explain it...

In the last year, of being 25, I've really assessed and reassessed and assessed some more what I'm working TOWARDS. I've lost 70 pounds but am I working towards a number, a size, a health goal? Do I just want to be fit or do I want to say, run a marathon? What am I working for when I'm working out? Why am I getting up at 6am to lift weights? What end result am I after?

I had high ambitions when I graduated college and one of them was to be a homeowner. I bought my first home as 24-year-old single gal on a mission and I've worked my tail off to pay off as much as I can, keep it nice, and use it to host bible studies, dinners, parties, and pool days. I've painted trim, fixed the garbage disposal, and taken classes at Home Depot. But what am I work towards? I finally realize this trip that my 2 main goals as a homeowner now are to be a debt-free homeowner (that's right people, I want to own it cash money) and to sell it for more than I paid (which use to be simple but doesn't seem to be anymore).

When I laid out my goals for 2011 I said I wanted to purpose to be a more thoughtful friend. On a chat with my friend Christina yesterday she was thanking me for a card I sent her a bit ago and she said she'd been really touched when I told her (prior to when she got my card) that I was sending a few every week. And I responded, 'It occured to me that everyone loves a thoughtful friend, heck, I know I do - and then I realized that they don't become thoughtful friends my accident, they're purposeful! So I started building new habits'. I'm not really sure how it came out that way, but after I said I thought, wow, that really is exactly how I feel.

I'm frustrated when people come to be and tell me they wish they were 'more like me' in their habits but they 'just don't have the time'. I've expressed before that I'm a firm believer that how you spend your time is 100% your responsibility and you have no choice but to own that. I continue to be one of the busiest people I know, but I've quit using that as an excuse not to workout, make my friends a priority, do thoughtful things for my boyfriend, call my family members regularly, attend church, lead a bible study, keep a clean house, have a quiet time with the Lord, write a blog, and on occasion, even lay by the pool. Think about the way you spend you time as being like money: how are you budgeting it and what are you working towards?

I've feel a bit odd sharing too much about my financial or career goals here, as they are pretty personal and it seems premature. But know that I spent time, energy, and ink putting into the plan a very detailed plan for both. As I reach those goals and make those dreams a reality, you know I will share them with you here.

I came back from New York with a renewed sense of motivation to excel in the next 7 months of this year. It's healthy to take a timeout and think about how you're doing on your goals and what needs to change. I'm thankful I got away for a few days to do just that.



Book Club Friday.

Well we all know I've been a busy bee these past few days but that hasn't kept me from reading at a rapid rate the few times per day I get to sit down (or not) - aka: stop lights, while drying my hair, and on the plane. I finished another book this week and I'm 58% done with Love and Respect (may right about that soon) as well.

I decided I wanted to read more James Patterson since I'm on a role with him lately and so I dominated this little number while en route home from NYC:

It wasn't my favorite of his that I've read so far but it was good enough to inspire me to read the next 3 in the series - starting today when I grab one from the library on lunch. If you're into Patterson, this is a worthwhile read.

Happy reading lovies.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Hello loves,

I'm back in town and I hit the ground running. Stayed up til 2am cleaning my house (this is why I should always leave it perfect, huh?). Woke up this morning to a 60 item to do list I made last night before bed and I've been plugging away since. Taking a halfday to tackle a few things and really just 'catch up on life'.

Can't wait to see Thomas for dinner tonight. I'm cooking (look out!). And you know how much I love to give gifts - so excited to give him his surprises from New York!

I have lots of pictures to upload and things to do but I promise to try'n get more New York posts up asap.

I will also being doing a giveaway - a little something I bought while in the city. So stay tuned.

Missed you guys.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm in New York - Day Five.

Hello from Times Square!

Well today is my final day in New York City. It's been harder to blog here than I thought between being gone all day, going hard to see all the attractions and coming home so exhausted one more task just seems out of reach. So I'm sorry for the lag time between my day one entries and today. I'm headed back to Tampa tonight at 7pm getting in around midnight (whew) and back to work tomorrow. I should have some time this weekend to get all my pictures up on facebook and post some here to the blog as well.

This trip has been the perfect length. With 3 days to hit up all the touristy items and 2 to have a more mellow experience, I really couldn't have planned it better if I'd known what I was in for. We've gone hard everyday trying to see as much as we can for our time and money and I'd say it's been a smashing success.

There will be lots of New York posts coming soon so don't worry, you'll feel like you've been there and be sick of them by the time this is over. For now, here's a few thoughts:

I can't imagine living in a city that takes this much thought and effort to get around. If I had to plan out my grocery shopping so that I could picked it up on the way home and buy just enough to make what I wished but still be able to carry it home and upstairs to my flat, I'd probably quit cooking. I hear that most New Yorkers share that thought and don't do much cooking themselves.

I'm sure taking the subway, buses, etc becomes second nature after a while but I imagine that I would be the type to know the route to work, church, and shopping and never go anywhere else just so I didn't have to do my map related research. Yeah, that sounds like me.

I can't believe how expensive living here is. Were staying in a 2/2 flat in West Chelsea this week which is cute, but you could probably fit two of in my 2/2 back home in Tampa. Nancy's niece's who lent it to us this week while they're out of town pay literally 11 times my mortgage payment to rent this place. 11 times! And at the end, I'll own mine. Whew. There's some perspective for you.

Truthfully after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and being raised by my own Dad, I can't imagine ever really going back to being a renter. Maybe for a year or so here and there if I have to move eventually for my career path, but only until I get my feet on the ground, know I want to stay put, and find the right place. I hate the idea of paying off someone else's bills for something that won't leave me anything to show for it. Even though I realize, that's really the only option in cities like NYC.

I'm fascinated by the non-use of cars here. On Gossip Girl, of course, they take limo's or town cars everywhere and it seems so rich and glamourous that you don't really consider what it would be like to not drive, ever. To not even own a car. Hm. Well, I guess that would save you some money? Actually probably not, considering my one week metro card was 30 bucks which is more than I pay in gas for my Corolla and that's not including any bus fares, taxi costs, etc.

I think I'd miss being able to take a drive, like I do now. Driving in New York City would be far from the relaxing mind-clearer that driving the Courtney Campbell is for me now. But even still, I think I'd miss the freedom of having a car and being able to drive, though reading while the subway drives me isn't half bad either.

I'm sad my trip and the vacation I've so been looking forward to is coming to an end today. But I do look forward to getting home and seeing a special someone, sleeping in my own bed, and getting back in a routine that doesn't involve eating everything in site and walking 10 minutes a day. My feet look like I ran a marathon barefoot. Whew.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looks I Love #10.

Fine, I'm obsessed with Reese and her sense of style. Judge me. But I love this dress and the color is stunning on her.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

New York State of Mind - Day One Part Two.

Well friends, I'm back in Chelsea after an eventful first day in New York City. I flew out of Tampa this morning, business class I might add. Here I am looking a little tired from my 4:45 alarm this morning but excited to be drinking unlimited diet cokes in the second row. Arriving in New York in style.

Met up with Bryn and Nancy and we grabbed a cab that made me a little car sick. Here I am with my crazy lookin (and by that I mean awesome) luggage:

We dropped our bags at the hotel and hit the town. We hit Chinatown first and I got a few gifts for my best friend Candy and boyfriend, Thomas. Ok, and a little something for myself. After that we shopped on Broadstreet and then headed to Times Square. These are just the pictures from my cell today (much more to come when I get back in town and load my real camera pics and videos).

From the New Years Eve wish wall - this is the one I related to the most. I really do hope I'm this happy forever.

First landmark we saw - the Hotel Chelsea.

Don't worry, we made time to see Dash New York - you know I loved me some Kourtney and Kim take New York.
Drink break @ Bloomies on Broadway - yum. Much needed time out for our feet. Remind me to tell Ed Hardy these sneaks aren't super comfortable all day on my feet.

I'm already falling for this city. The people watching is off the hook as well. Can't wait for another exciting, busy day tomorrow. Stay tuned, I toted this laptop up here for a reason - you guys.


Bright Lights, Big City - Day One.

Well friends, my bags are packed and I'm headed to the airport to depart for New York City! I promised myself this year would be one I spent just enjoying this season of life and experiencing new things. Taking chances, exploring, spending a little hard earned money, and living life to the fullest. So I jumped at the chance to honor that commitment with a trip to THE city.

I'm having a charmed start to my trip. When I got my e-mail to check in for my flight yesterday morning I logged in to my Airtran to two pleasant surprises - I'd been bumped to business class, for free for both of my outgoing flights. I'm sitting aisle seat in row 2 from Tampa to Atlanta and again from Atlanta to La Guardia. Excellent. I was already squealing with excitement about my first ever free upgrade when I got to the baggage page. Always one to plan ahead I'd budgeted to pay $60 to fly my bag back-n-forth so that I would have everything I needed in NYC. Imagine my elation when the recent merge of Southwest and Airtran means my bag is flying FREE. More spending money for Yours Truly.

Lets hope my actual flight and trip remain equally charmed and this should be my best vacation yet. I'm certainly off to a promising start. There usually aren't any small children in business class either, so that's always a bonus for those of us who hate that kids are allowed to ride on planes (showing my true colors here). I despise getting sat next to someone flying with a screaming baby and to be honest I'm not sure they don't hate getting sad near me.

The one semi-bummer about this trip is that the weather is calling for rain on four out of five days I'll be in the city. Wah. But not one to be held back by a little rain I picked up this bright Alfani anorak at Macys with my Girl's Weekend discount:

It was 50% off before my coupon and another 15% off after. Winning.

With my new burgundy hair and my dark skin the green is actually a great color on me - though I may arguably be the brightest dresser in New York. No worries, I packed plenty of black too.

Sunday afternoon I'll be catching Spiderman on Broadway:

Simply had to see a show while I was there. You can't go to New York City without one, right? Not one of the three of us had seen this one yet and it's rumored to have the most expensive set in broadway history. Hmm.

Now here's where I need your help. I want to do a post New York giveaway...maybe something fun from Chinatown? Any suggestions?

I've been rocking one of my gifts from Chinatown from Thomas's trip last week and getting in the mood for the city:

Well wish me luck in the city loves, I'll be filling you in as I can.



Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Club Friday.

Well I'm headed to New York City tomorrow morning bright and early but my prep for the NYC hasn't kept me from absolutely mauling books lately. Can't.Stop.Reading. Seriously though, I've had my nose in a book every free minute for the last 2 weeks. Since I've been babysitting up a storm to have extra money for my big trip, I've had plenty of time while babies were sleeping to read oh a thousand pages a week or so.

So, I'm linking up for the second week in a row to share my book club read of the week. I know a few of you have probably already read this (people seem pretty obsessed with Giffin) but I just finished Heart of the Matter.

Oddly considering I've read all of her books to date, I've never considered Giffin one of my favorite authors, that may just change after this novel. Written to capture and even break your heart, this book will take you through every emotion from anger, frustration, sadness, hope, pity, and more. Giffin gets down to the nitty gritty of what makes relationships work, and fail. Showing what happens when we let human nature take over and toss aside what we know to be 'right'. A great show of the battle between our short term and long term desires, Giffin masterfully wrote this one to tug at your heart strings.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Makeover Story.

Well I shared a while back that I was going on Daytime TV here in Tampa, FL to be made over. We recorded it a week ago (Thursday) and it aired this past Monday morning (I DVR'd it for my family since they can't get it in Indy, Cali, North and South Carolina, etc). But I wanted to show you all a little of my experience.

Here's me before:

They had me wear jeans and a t-shirt, no makeup, hair back. Yikes. I did my first interview on camera this way which I was pretty nervous about but I didn't look half as scary as I expected even with all those lights.

In transition:

And just before returning to the set to reveal myself (so in other words: the after):

Yes, I got to keep the clothes, jewelry, and shoes!

So I'm guessing the next question on your mind is...how'd I do at keeping it up?

Here's a few pictures of me since the makeover having done my own hair and makeup (the first one really shows you the color of my hair - a burgundy):

Sorry for the poor pic quality, oh blackberry how I wish you were an iphone.

Thanks for being part of my makeover story - and for the people who watched it either on TV or on my DVR since.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quote of the Week.

First off, confession, I was OBSESSED with Kirk Franklin in middle school and some of high school. My Dad and I can do most of his songs perfectly, even the rap parts (this is a hoot to experience, trust me).

I know the Lord is speaking to me when the voice I hear is always challenging, always convicting, and never allows me to be comfortable where I am. Not having a father, what an honor it is to have One who loves me so much that His greatest desire is to see me grow. - Kirk Franklin

I admire people who grew up without fathers and have found the fatherly love we all desire in their relationship with the Lord. I was blessed with a Dad that would arguably be the greatest Dad in the world, so this isn't something I necessarily relate to but as I grow up and my job opens me eyes to the importance of active fathers in the home, I'm that much more in tune with the Lord's provision of HIS fatherly love in situations where that earthly need isn't met.

I picked this quote this week, however, because I am recently experiencing the growing pains of being challenged, convicted, and uncomfortable in my faith. A great reminder that I AM growing and that I may just be on my way to being dangerous to the enemy. I've learned in my adult life to use the 'down time' between really hard parts of my walk to prepare for when those times will return. I am preparing with truth, with prayer, and with an earnest desire to know the Lord more every day.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have an intense fear of what Christian's cautiously call ' brokeness'. The Lord has allowed me to be broken a few times in a my life and I shutter to think back on them. I am thankful that the Lord gives beauty where there was once ashes but it's hard at times not to wince to remember how that brokeness felt.

As I was pondering this week what it means to love something stood out to me. That in Corinthians the bible says that love isn't selfish. Selfish. Think on that term for a moment...think about what it would mean to be totally selfless in the way that you love others.

I found this...

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves. - Philippians 2:3

It's a pretty radical concept, to value not just one person but all others above yourself. See, I think plenty of people would say they value their spouse more than they value themselves. If you'd give your own life for theirs, that concept is true. But take that kind of love, that self-sacrificing attitude and consider what it would look like to love that way in all your relationships...

Is that possible? If so, what would that look like played out?

I feel this tug at my heart, this longing that the Lord would break me of my selfishness and teach me to love selflessly...but fear is holding me back. The fear of what brokenness feels like. What it would look like right now, at this time in my life when I have never been happier.

As I thought about that fear I read these words by a man who has grown to be one of my favorite authors including authoring a book that radically changed my life, 'Wild Goose Chase'. On his blog Mark Batterson writes:

Maybe the things you fear are the very things that will take you to the next level spiritually. We’ve got to face our fears because we grow to the level of our fears and no further.

If brokeness is required to strip me of my selfish nature and teach me to love well, then I pray the Lord gives me the strength to come out victorious.

Much on my mind, much on my heart this week. Seeking the Lord and praying for the strength to face my fear.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looks I Love #9.

If I were a rich women this prada trench would be mine. Love the over-the-knee leather boots in combo. Plus I admit to wanting to look pretty much exactly like Kim K anyway. Love, B

Friday, May 13, 2011

Picking the Professional's Brain - Makeup.

Well yesterday was makeover day and I took full advantage of having 3 professionals working on me to ask questions! I wanted to share a few tidbits I learned with you from the gal who did my makeup...

I'm fasinated by people who are good at makeup because while I love to dabble and could spent a good hour playing in Sephora, I just don't have the creative genius some people have, especially in the eyeshadow department. I see these cool new trends and think 'I wouldn't know where to start'. Anybody with me here? She taught me how to do a smokey eye, which I've always though were really cool but with a color palette that works for me. Apparently because my eyes are hazel/green (but people assume their brown because I'm THAT bad at doing eye makeup) - I should stick to plums and peaches and never ever use neutrals. Epic fail on my part...guess I'm cleaning out my makeup bag and starting fresh! I mean, I knew from art school that purples pop greens so I do have a few of those but I usually combine them with neutrals which apparently wasn't doing my eyes any favors.

I talked to her a bit about how to keep from being shiney as well. I have oily skin and midday I tend to get shiney which also sometimes makes my makeup gather in dark or orangey looking ...puddles? I hate this. It's made worse by the fact that I'm dark complected and therefore my makeup is dark. Anywho, she recommend a primer that's made to control oil. So I've added that to my 'to buy' list. I know bare essentuals makes one but I'm not a huge fan of their products, so I'm still looking. I've used Makeup Forever's mist and fix and I like that for what it does but it doesn't control my oil factor. I've also tried the photo finish product that magazines rave about but it doesn't control my oil. Blah. She also said to buy buy buy oil blotters and have them everywhere. In the car, in every purse, in the house, in a pocket. Any and everywhere.

Ever wonder who makes the best bronzer? Me too. I swear by bronzer and since my face is always paler than my body, I'd probably look like a freak without it. She didn't really have an opinion but I've tried many and the best for me has been Nars brand bronzers and the 'Pot of Gold' by Sephora. Thought I'd share that anyway.

After my conversations with her I poured over the stack of magazines that had been building up on my coffee table for weeks and came up with a few other things for my new makeup hit list which includes:

- oil reducing primer
- eye lash curler
- oil blotting paper
- concealer stick
- eye liner brush (so you can use eye shadow as liner, which I learned about yesterday as well)
- purple shadows
- deeper lip gloss

I hit Nordstrom Rack on lunch and had much success:

Whew. Still have a few things left to collect but I'm going to hit Ulta soon with a coupon from May's InStyle magazine and take care of the rest.



Postcard Killers.

I've taken Heather's challenge to join in on book club Friday! I'm finally back in my groove and flying through books again lately so I thought I would share the latest great read I finished in less than four days of a busy week...

After a coworker, Madison, recommended James Patterson's Private a week ago and I devoured it, I picked up another of his thrilling murder mysteries at the library on Friday night and had it finished on Monday night. While some of Patterson's books are a bit gory or too much for me, he also has some great story lines that hold the reader without all the guts and dirty details - Postcard Killers fell into that category for me.

A team is brought in from several countries to solve the case of the Postcard Killers, a couple traveling around murdering other couples on vacation. The couple has strange patterns and the crime scenes are made to mimic famous pieces of art from the country they murder in. This book will have you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing and frustrated til the very end.



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easy Enchiladas.

I've been tweeting the last few weeks with two of my favorite bloggers Heather and Lindsey about easy meals. I tweeted that I wanted to try these enchiladas last week and Heather actually beat me to making them. She loved them which made me feel even more excited about making them for friends on Sunday night.

They were quick but not as quick as I thought, so don't plan on making them when you have 20 minutes (boiling the chicken to pull takes 30 by itself) but they're worthwhile. They were a huge hit with the crowd I cooked for and I loved them myself. For my friends that have been trying many of the meals I've been posting, add this to your rotation - I think you'll be glad you did.

Thanks to all my friends who have been sharing in my cooking adventures with me lately.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walk for Life.

In March I wrote this entry giving you a little insight into my family history AND a little history on my Tampa tradition, the Walk for Life. Well, for the third year in a row, I reached over $1000 earned for my walk. Obviously I would have taken even more than that, but with as tough as it's getting to raise money these days I'm pleased to be three years strong over a grand.

The Walk itself was a delight again this year and I continue to be grateful for the strong men and women who choose life.

Thank you to everyone who supported me by spreading the word, financial contributions, and your kind words in relation to my sharing of my families story.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Date Day.

So after Thomas got some exciting news, I asked him if I could plan and take HIM on a date as my congrats. It's been pushed back until now because we haven't had a free weekend where we could actually go on a daytime date, just the two of us. This of course has given me, crazy planner girl, plenty of time to dream up all sorts of fun ideas....I may have 20ish dates planned in my head now so if you need one in the Tampa area, shoot me an e-mail and I might just hook you up.

The Game Plan:

- Brunch at Samaria in downtown Tampa which ranked in the top 10 brunch spots for the area

- A short walk to the Old Tampa Book Company where I gave T a $1 budget for the sidewalk sale - where their old, unique books are on sale for 50 cents for a paperback and $1 for a hardback. I got the same budget. : ]

- The Plant Museum - where I'd previously told you all I'd bought us tickets on groupon and we would finally get to go.

I stayed in Friday night reading, cooking, baking, watching Season One of Laguna Beach with the roomie and resting up for my date. Ok fine, and painting my toes nails which had been chipping since Easter weekend - it was time. I hadn't told T the plan, just to dress comfy, wear shoes he could walk in, and not to eat before he came, there would be food involved.

Pre-date pic taken by the roomie.

We got downtown a little after ten Saturday morning and found parking by the children's museum. It was a beautiful day to be downtown, let me just tell you. For Tampa, beautiful means it was warm but not unbearably hot.

We walked to Samaria Cafe where we had life-changing (and huge) omettes.

We would go again, for sure. The food was wonderful. (thanks urbanspoon for the recommendation).

Afterwards we did had across the street to the Old Tampa Book Store for some browsing a little sidewalk shopping.

I picked an old Dr. Suess book I can read to my future niece/nephew someday and Thomas got some book that didn't look like I'd be interested in...

Then we walked the half mile over the bridge to University of Tampa (and had a stranger take the following picture on the way).

To our final destination of the day:

The Henry B. Plant Museum which is inside an old victorian hotel on UT's campus. Thankfully they let you take pictures inside too...

Coolest lamp ever.

(Thanks Groupon.com for this idea)

We hung out at the pool in the afternoon before getting dolled up to finished off a great date day together with dinner in honor of our friend Marta's graduation from her Masters program. We're so proud of her and enjoyed a delish dinner with her family at Roys - california fushion cuisine. It was fun ending the day with Marta and Brent...



Monday, May 9, 2011

Change of Heart Needed.

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. - James 3:17

My heart was heavy and my brain was full when I woke up this morning and so I did what I've come to find is the only thing that leads me to answers - I sought out the word. I've learned lately to love the word of God and that my heavenly Father left me a place to find all the right answers. As I've thought about tough relationships this week I'm challenged by this - that maybe it's my heart that needs a change.

I'm flattered when people describe me as smart or intelligent but what I want more than worldly wisdom is to be wise in the way the Lord defines it. A wisdom I know I lack. As I was reading James, and considering my tongue this morning and it's ability to do either great good or great destruction, it's amazing that the Lord had a completely separate challenge there for me.

I read through the verses about the tongue and prayed for the strength to do no harm with my tongue. To be someone who uses my words to build others up and not to tear anyone down. But I felt compelled to read on past there and as I hit this verse in Chapter 3 I knew why.

Worldly wisdom, can be gained from college, reading, studying, practice, hard work...but Godly wisdom? Am I lover of peace? Am I considerate? Am I willing to submit not just in action but in my heart? Am I full of mercy? Am I producing good fruit? Am I impartial? And as I seek these things, am I being sincere?

Tough questions, but even tougher answers. What I am most challenged by this morning is to be someone who is full of mercy. My prayer is that the Lord breaks my strong will and teaches me to be merciful and to be a lover of peace.

Blessed, truly, are the peacekeepers. May my tongue be tame and mercy be my first reaction this week. I am thankful for a God who hasn't given up on me.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Looks I Love #8.

I'm into the new little white dress trend and I LOVE nude shoes. So this is a winner. Two thumbs way up. Love, B

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary...

to my best friend and sister, Rachel and my precious brother-in-law, Bres. Can't believe it's been four years! Couldn't be happier for you all or more proud of who you both are as individuals and who you are are a couple. Love you both with all my heart.