Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm in New York - Day Five.

Hello from Times Square!

Well today is my final day in New York City. It's been harder to blog here than I thought between being gone all day, going hard to see all the attractions and coming home so exhausted one more task just seems out of reach. So I'm sorry for the lag time between my day one entries and today. I'm headed back to Tampa tonight at 7pm getting in around midnight (whew) and back to work tomorrow. I should have some time this weekend to get all my pictures up on facebook and post some here to the blog as well.

This trip has been the perfect length. With 3 days to hit up all the touristy items and 2 to have a more mellow experience, I really couldn't have planned it better if I'd known what I was in for. We've gone hard everyday trying to see as much as we can for our time and money and I'd say it's been a smashing success.

There will be lots of New York posts coming soon so don't worry, you'll feel like you've been there and be sick of them by the time this is over. For now, here's a few thoughts:

I can't imagine living in a city that takes this much thought and effort to get around. If I had to plan out my grocery shopping so that I could picked it up on the way home and buy just enough to make what I wished but still be able to carry it home and upstairs to my flat, I'd probably quit cooking. I hear that most New Yorkers share that thought and don't do much cooking themselves.

I'm sure taking the subway, buses, etc becomes second nature after a while but I imagine that I would be the type to know the route to work, church, and shopping and never go anywhere else just so I didn't have to do my map related research. Yeah, that sounds like me.

I can't believe how expensive living here is. Were staying in a 2/2 flat in West Chelsea this week which is cute, but you could probably fit two of in my 2/2 back home in Tampa. Nancy's niece's who lent it to us this week while they're out of town pay literally 11 times my mortgage payment to rent this place. 11 times! And at the end, I'll own mine. Whew. There's some perspective for you.

Truthfully after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and being raised by my own Dad, I can't imagine ever really going back to being a renter. Maybe for a year or so here and there if I have to move eventually for my career path, but only until I get my feet on the ground, know I want to stay put, and find the right place. I hate the idea of paying off someone else's bills for something that won't leave me anything to show for it. Even though I realize, that's really the only option in cities like NYC.

I'm fascinated by the non-use of cars here. On Gossip Girl, of course, they take limo's or town cars everywhere and it seems so rich and glamourous that you don't really consider what it would be like to not drive, ever. To not even own a car. Hm. Well, I guess that would save you some money? Actually probably not, considering my one week metro card was 30 bucks which is more than I pay in gas for my Corolla and that's not including any bus fares, taxi costs, etc.

I think I'd miss being able to take a drive, like I do now. Driving in New York City would be far from the relaxing mind-clearer that driving the Courtney Campbell is for me now. But even still, I think I'd miss the freedom of having a car and being able to drive, though reading while the subway drives me isn't half bad either.

I'm sad my trip and the vacation I've so been looking forward to is coming to an end today. But I do look forward to getting home and seeing a special someone, sleeping in my own bed, and getting back in a routine that doesn't involve eating everything in site and walking 10 minutes a day. My feet look like I ran a marathon barefoot. Whew.



Neely said...

I bet you are happy to see your fella soon! I hope you have a safe flight back. Cant wait to see pics!

Theresa said...

Just like anything else the public transit, no car, grocery shopping just becomes second nature. Chicago isn't exactly NYC but the pace definitely keeps you on your toes. Like anything else, it's just the life you choose for yourself.