Friday, May 27, 2011

Scattered but Valuable Thoughts.

Well my mind has been going a mile a minute the last three days and thankfully, I took notes. All that chaos in my brain and I actually came up with a great game plan for the next year. Yes, that's right - I go on vacation and I come back with a 'one year plan'. Hey, I'm terrible at plenty of things (like math) but one thing I'm not is unmotivated.

I tackled a 75 item to do list on my half day (so much for that nap) yesterday before cooking dinner for a date night with my love.

I appreciate so many things about Thomas and and about my life since he's entered it, but lately I'm most thankful that he's add a whole new level of motivation when I think about my future. I think my parents are appreciate some of those changes as they witness them as well.

I've always been a fairly motivated child. I begged my parents to let me get a job the day I turned 15. They thought I was crazy since neither of my sisters shared my love for making money. I've never been as miserable as I was the semester I tried to not work in college. I love love love to work. I can't even quite explain it...

In the last year, of being 25, I've really assessed and reassessed and assessed some more what I'm working TOWARDS. I've lost 70 pounds but am I working towards a number, a size, a health goal? Do I just want to be fit or do I want to say, run a marathon? What am I working for when I'm working out? Why am I getting up at 6am to lift weights? What end result am I after?

I had high ambitions when I graduated college and one of them was to be a homeowner. I bought my first home as 24-year-old single gal on a mission and I've worked my tail off to pay off as much as I can, keep it nice, and use it to host bible studies, dinners, parties, and pool days. I've painted trim, fixed the garbage disposal, and taken classes at Home Depot. But what am I work towards? I finally realize this trip that my 2 main goals as a homeowner now are to be a debt-free homeowner (that's right people, I want to own it cash money) and to sell it for more than I paid (which use to be simple but doesn't seem to be anymore).

When I laid out my goals for 2011 I said I wanted to purpose to be a more thoughtful friend. On a chat with my friend Christina yesterday she was thanking me for a card I sent her a bit ago and she said she'd been really touched when I told her (prior to when she got my card) that I was sending a few every week. And I responded, 'It occured to me that everyone loves a thoughtful friend, heck, I know I do - and then I realized that they don't become thoughtful friends my accident, they're purposeful! So I started building new habits'. I'm not really sure how it came out that way, but after I said I thought, wow, that really is exactly how I feel.

I'm frustrated when people come to be and tell me they wish they were 'more like me' in their habits but they 'just don't have the time'. I've expressed before that I'm a firm believer that how you spend your time is 100% your responsibility and you have no choice but to own that. I continue to be one of the busiest people I know, but I've quit using that as an excuse not to workout, make my friends a priority, do thoughtful things for my boyfriend, call my family members regularly, attend church, lead a bible study, keep a clean house, have a quiet time with the Lord, write a blog, and on occasion, even lay by the pool. Think about the way you spend you time as being like money: how are you budgeting it and what are you working towards?

I've feel a bit odd sharing too much about my financial or career goals here, as they are pretty personal and it seems premature. But know that I spent time, energy, and ink putting into the plan a very detailed plan for both. As I reach those goals and make those dreams a reality, you know I will share them with you here.

I came back from New York with a renewed sense of motivation to excel in the next 7 months of this year. It's healthy to take a timeout and think about how you're doing on your goals and what needs to change. I'm thankful I got away for a few days to do just that.



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