Monday, May 2, 2011

In the Groove.

As someone who pretty much had the perfect groove as a single, I've been a little off my a-game these past few months since meeting T. It's truly been the best couple of months yet, but I admit my discipline has gotten a little lax. Less workouts. More staying up late. More eating out. Less weight loss. More movies, less reading. You get the idea.

Since he had a busy week last week I decided it was time to get back in a groove of some sort. I'm actually quite glad that will look a little different now than it ever has before. I'm having the time of life and honestly, I needed a little more fun and a little less...schedule. Once I find some balance and keep enough discipline still there, I think I will be the best I've been as well.

I felt great last week as I dominated 5 workouts, read 2 books, cooked 2 new meals, and managed to get my bills and some cards out. I still got to hang with the boyfriend a fair amount and my life wasn't totally disordered. I even got to catch up on some sleep I think has been sorely lacking for 2 months now. Whew.

So now it's time to do both. Find a way to have it all by doing it all. Still working through just what that looks like for me but what I've already figured out is, it can't just mean sleeping less hours every night.

Working on balance, organization, and knowing when to just be.



Café Moka said...

Yay for your productive week!

Handle everything is not easy but I'm sure you can do it! It's so hard to have time to do all those things!

Heather said...

Oh gosh, it took me FOREVER to find that balance when I started dating the hubby. Heck, I think I'm still working on it!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job! Just don't lose doing things for yourself! I did that when I met and married Michael (within 4 1/2 months)! All of a sudden, I was a wife and mother and trying to perfect them both. I totally lost myself and I've spend the last 6 months trying to get that back! Hang in there - it'll all work out :)