Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Hello loves,

I'm back in town and I hit the ground running. Stayed up til 2am cleaning my house (this is why I should always leave it perfect, huh?). Woke up this morning to a 60 item to do list I made last night before bed and I've been plugging away since. Taking a halfday to tackle a few things and really just 'catch up on life'.

Can't wait to see Thomas for dinner tonight. I'm cooking (look out!). And you know how much I love to give gifts - so excited to give him his surprises from New York!

I have lots of pictures to upload and things to do but I promise to try'n get more New York posts up asap.

I will also being doing a giveaway - a little something I bought while in the city. So stay tuned.

Missed you guys.


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Neely said...

Awww hope yall have a fun night :)