Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Date Day.

So after Thomas got some exciting news, I asked him if I could plan and take HIM on a date as my congrats. It's been pushed back until now because we haven't had a free weekend where we could actually go on a daytime date, just the two of us. This of course has given me, crazy planner girl, plenty of time to dream up all sorts of fun ideas....I may have 20ish dates planned in my head now so if you need one in the Tampa area, shoot me an e-mail and I might just hook you up.

The Game Plan:

- Brunch at Samaria in downtown Tampa which ranked in the top 10 brunch spots for the area

- A short walk to the Old Tampa Book Company where I gave T a $1 budget for the sidewalk sale - where their old, unique books are on sale for 50 cents for a paperback and $1 for a hardback. I got the same budget. : ]

- The Plant Museum - where I'd previously told you all I'd bought us tickets on groupon and we would finally get to go.

I stayed in Friday night reading, cooking, baking, watching Season One of Laguna Beach with the roomie and resting up for my date. Ok fine, and painting my toes nails which had been chipping since Easter weekend - it was time. I hadn't told T the plan, just to dress comfy, wear shoes he could walk in, and not to eat before he came, there would be food involved.

Pre-date pic taken by the roomie.

We got downtown a little after ten Saturday morning and found parking by the children's museum. It was a beautiful day to be downtown, let me just tell you. For Tampa, beautiful means it was warm but not unbearably hot.

We walked to Samaria Cafe where we had life-changing (and huge) omettes.

We would go again, for sure. The food was wonderful. (thanks urbanspoon for the recommendation).

Afterwards we did had across the street to the Old Tampa Book Store for some browsing a little sidewalk shopping.

I picked an old Dr. Suess book I can read to my future niece/nephew someday and Thomas got some book that didn't look like I'd be interested in...

Then we walked the half mile over the bridge to University of Tampa (and had a stranger take the following picture on the way).

To our final destination of the day:

The Henry B. Plant Museum which is inside an old victorian hotel on UT's campus. Thankfully they let you take pictures inside too...

Coolest lamp ever.

(Thanks Groupon.com for this idea)

We hung out at the pool in the afternoon before getting dolled up to finished off a great date day together with dinner in honor of our friend Marta's graduation from her Masters program. We're so proud of her and enjoyed a delish dinner with her family at Roys - california fushion cuisine. It was fun ending the day with Marta and Brent...




Heather said...

What a creative date! I love it.

Kendra said...

You both are adorable! It looks like such a fun day!

Neely said...

Very cute date!