Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quote of the Week.

First off, confession, I was OBSESSED with Kirk Franklin in middle school and some of high school. My Dad and I can do most of his songs perfectly, even the rap parts (this is a hoot to experience, trust me).

I know the Lord is speaking to me when the voice I hear is always challenging, always convicting, and never allows me to be comfortable where I am. Not having a father, what an honor it is to have One who loves me so much that His greatest desire is to see me grow. - Kirk Franklin

I admire people who grew up without fathers and have found the fatherly love we all desire in their relationship with the Lord. I was blessed with a Dad that would arguably be the greatest Dad in the world, so this isn't something I necessarily relate to but as I grow up and my job opens me eyes to the importance of active fathers in the home, I'm that much more in tune with the Lord's provision of HIS fatherly love in situations where that earthly need isn't met.

I picked this quote this week, however, because I am recently experiencing the growing pains of being challenged, convicted, and uncomfortable in my faith. A great reminder that I AM growing and that I may just be on my way to being dangerous to the enemy. I've learned in my adult life to use the 'down time' between really hard parts of my walk to prepare for when those times will return. I am preparing with truth, with prayer, and with an earnest desire to know the Lord more every day.



Heather said...

I had totally forgotten about Kirk Franklin before reading this post! I remember SO many youth trips with his music blaring in the vans.

Neely said...

I have no idea who Kirk Franklin is but I like the quote!