Wednesday, May 4, 2011


With Mother's Day fast approaching, I was thinking about my own sweet Mommy yesterday. I took her present to the post office on lunch and mailed it to her in Indiana (since I won't be able to be with her on the special day). I was thinking about what a great Mom she is and it got me thinking about what things I inherited from her.

See those of you who know my family AT ALL know that not only am I the spitting image of my Dad in looks but most of my personality and maybe even a few of my quirks come from him. I catch myself frequently saying 'oh my gosh, I am so my Dad right now' when I do exactly what he would in a given circumstance...usually things I said 'I'll never do that when I grow up' as a kid. Yeah, those things.

My sweeter, quieter Mom, I'm sad to say I inherited less of my traits from though admittedly she has so many great quality it's a shame. But as I was pondering the things I get from her I was struck by the idea that I get my gift of hospitality from my Mom. My Dad is the life of the party but my Mom has a way of making anyone feel at home. She's an amazing cook, she keeps the house so clean you could eat off the floor in any room (don't try this in my home), and when people are over or in town she shines.

I think I got my gift of hospitality and my love for welcoming people into my own home from her. It kicked in a little later in life for me. While I always loved being around people in our crazy house were company abounded, I didn't start enjoying being the one to cook and clean for them until recently (though admittedly I still whine that you have to clean before they come AND after...what's up with that?). Some of that is that I've only actually had my own home for a year and a half now and I never felt quite as at home in rentals.

I feel grateful on a daily basis for the Lord's provision and hand of favor in my journey to home ownership. I've shared before that it was always my dream to own a home while I was young and single and not wait til it was time to 'have a family. I've really sought since then to be the kind of person who keeps a revolving door, always welcome someone who just needs to come take a load off. I love to cook a friend dinner or work our way through the Tivo. I love to toss in a workout video and awkwardly try to keep up with them or throw a pot of coffee on and just catch up.

As with all gifts it's about how you use and develop them. I'm working on that now but in the last year or so I've loved hosting bible study on a weekly basis, having friends over for pool days, and throwing the occasional party - like we'll be doing tomorrow. The roomie, Bekah, has been in town less than a week and we're about to get our mexican themed pitch in on for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Expect pictures and tales galour afterwards.

Thankful this week for so many things about my wonderful Mother and for the fact that I have a little more of her in me that I realized.


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