Saturday, May 21, 2011

New York State of Mind - Day One Part Two.

Well friends, I'm back in Chelsea after an eventful first day in New York City. I flew out of Tampa this morning, business class I might add. Here I am looking a little tired from my 4:45 alarm this morning but excited to be drinking unlimited diet cokes in the second row. Arriving in New York in style.

Met up with Bryn and Nancy and we grabbed a cab that made me a little car sick. Here I am with my crazy lookin (and by that I mean awesome) luggage:

We dropped our bags at the hotel and hit the town. We hit Chinatown first and I got a few gifts for my best friend Candy and boyfriend, Thomas. Ok, and a little something for myself. After that we shopped on Broadstreet and then headed to Times Square. These are just the pictures from my cell today (much more to come when I get back in town and load my real camera pics and videos).

From the New Years Eve wish wall - this is the one I related to the most. I really do hope I'm this happy forever.

First landmark we saw - the Hotel Chelsea.

Don't worry, we made time to see Dash New York - you know I loved me some Kourtney and Kim take New York.
Drink break @ Bloomies on Broadway - yum. Much needed time out for our feet. Remind me to tell Ed Hardy these sneaks aren't super comfortable all day on my feet.

I'm already falling for this city. The people watching is off the hook as well. Can't wait for another exciting, busy day tomorrow. Stay tuned, I toted this laptop up here for a reason - you guys.


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Ashley said...

I am so ridiculously excited and jealous! :) You look like you are already having a blast! Can't wait to hear more!