Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City - Day One.

Well friends, my bags are packed and I'm headed to the airport to depart for New York City! I promised myself this year would be one I spent just enjoying this season of life and experiencing new things. Taking chances, exploring, spending a little hard earned money, and living life to the fullest. So I jumped at the chance to honor that commitment with a trip to THE city.

I'm having a charmed start to my trip. When I got my e-mail to check in for my flight yesterday morning I logged in to my Airtran to two pleasant surprises - I'd been bumped to business class, for free for both of my outgoing flights. I'm sitting aisle seat in row 2 from Tampa to Atlanta and again from Atlanta to La Guardia. Excellent. I was already squealing with excitement about my first ever free upgrade when I got to the baggage page. Always one to plan ahead I'd budgeted to pay $60 to fly my bag back-n-forth so that I would have everything I needed in NYC. Imagine my elation when the recent merge of Southwest and Airtran means my bag is flying FREE. More spending money for Yours Truly.

Lets hope my actual flight and trip remain equally charmed and this should be my best vacation yet. I'm certainly off to a promising start. There usually aren't any small children in business class either, so that's always a bonus for those of us who hate that kids are allowed to ride on planes (showing my true colors here). I despise getting sat next to someone flying with a screaming baby and to be honest I'm not sure they don't hate getting sad near me.

The one semi-bummer about this trip is that the weather is calling for rain on four out of five days I'll be in the city. Wah. But not one to be held back by a little rain I picked up this bright Alfani anorak at Macys with my Girl's Weekend discount:

It was 50% off before my coupon and another 15% off after. Winning.

With my new burgundy hair and my dark skin the green is actually a great color on me - though I may arguably be the brightest dresser in New York. No worries, I packed plenty of black too.

Sunday afternoon I'll be catching Spiderman on Broadway:

Simply had to see a show while I was there. You can't go to New York City without one, right? Not one of the three of us had seen this one yet and it's rumored to have the most expensive set in broadway history. Hmm.

Now here's where I need your help. I want to do a post New York giveaway...maybe something fun from Chinatown? Any suggestions?

I've been rocking one of my gifts from Chinatown from Thomas's trip last week and getting in the mood for the city:

Well wish me luck in the city loves, I'll be filling you in as I can.




Neely said...

Have soooo much fun Bekes! Tweet lots!!!

Heather said...

Oohhh! I NYC giveaway sounds fab!

tara said...

i'm stalking your trip on facebook/twitter! looks like fun!