Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

Here we go again. It's ok... write out detailed menus of what you're going to feed your friends all weekend because you're so excited to have them in your home. be obsessed with football, 24-7. miss an entire week of working out because you worked 33 hours of overtime, literally. eat fro yo for dinner 2 nights in a row, to catch up with friends. be giddy with excitement when you check the mail everyday. be thankful everyday that you don't have a blackberry anymore. hate the idea of not finishing a book a week so much you have your kindle read to you at work when you're too busy to read at night. find yourself raising your standards on guys higher and higher because you have the most amazing guy friends ever to compare every guy too. laugh off the rumors you hear about yourself (which seem to be plenty where I'm concerned) because honestly, they're funny. be trying to play catch up in all your relationships from 2 weeks of craziness (I actually think I'm doing a pretty good job!). want to buy a new dress for every occasion, even though you have 50. be excited when your coworker tells you, you look beautiful on the one day this week you've done your hair.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Recap of Travels.

I've been busily working these past few weeks to prep for our Colts and Vikings events and then traveling to each and putting on the event with our excellent teams from work. It's been a busy busy BUSY couple of weeks from which I'm still trying to catch up and recover but I wanted to bring a taste of them back to you here. So here's a few photos from my Indianapolis Colts event trip:
Dad, Makaylie, and I at the event. That sweet girl (and photo cred. belong to my sweet friend Kristen).

This is me with Kristen's other little girl - Audrina. Isn't she precious? (Photo cred belongs to Erik Deckers)

I got back at midnight on Sunday night from this event and was back in the office early Monday to prep to leave again Friday to head to Minneapolis, MN - for the first time. So I got to check off another state in my pursuit of 50 states which is a bucket list item for me and it was my first time working a Minnesota Vikings event for work (All Pro Dad).

So a few photos I brought back from my first Vikings FKE & trip to Minnesota:

Vikings office - via Instagram.

Me with Victor the Viking.

Practice facility where the event took place.

And me, on a boat!

It's good to be home and I'm ready to have my feet on the ground for over a week! But this will be short lived. My best friend, Candy, and her husband will be headed down here Saturday for a long weekend and some Monday Night Football and then I will jet off to Baltimore for my next work event the following Friday.

September is crazy!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trip Announcement for 2012.

In 2011 I took my first big trip without my family and explored New York City. I saved and saved so I'd have plenty of money to spend and then spend 5 glorious days with my sweet friends exploring New York City for the very first time. I did the touristy thing, ate my way through the whole city (and a couple cupcakes), and even saw a broadway show on 'real' broadway. I shopped til I dropped and I came back exhausted but with a new found love for the kind of travel that doesn't have to do with work.

And so, I'm pleased to announce that my frequent flierness that lead me to New York on Airtran's dime last year has now earned me a freebie flight on Southwest and I think I've decided where I'm going to go with this one. I'd been mulling it over for a while because the city I've choosen I've been to before - but not since being a real adult and I think I'll appreciate it in a whole new way, this time. I talked to my Aunt about it over my birthday and she said come I think it's now safe to say my big trip in 2012 will be to....

Washington, DC!

Get ready DC, you have no idea what's coming your way in 2012. This girl is ready to take the city by storm.

One of the things I appreciate most about this season of my life is that it has opened up opportunies to experice life more freely than ever before. I have a job I can still sneak away from for vacation (just not during event season, right?). I am racking up frequently flier points like I've never done before. And I've fallen in love with travel, for fun. I am so excited about my life and all the next year has to offer. Stay tuned.



Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Club Friday - Four Books Deep.

Please excuse my lack of updates to my 2011 reading list and my lack of contributions to book club. I actually have been keeping up with my reading, though it's been mostly on the go lately (why yes, that include reading at stoplights and on planes).

I finished my study of Ruth with Kelly Minter followed by the next two books in the James Patterson's women's murder club (they're on the list too, now) and have moved on to read simultaneously the following two books:

Found this book at the closing of a bookstore for 75% off and after being told for a long time by many people I would love it - I have begun! I'm only a few pages into this but I have to say, I'm impressed so far. I like his style of writing, the heart behind his message, and the level of inspiration I'm feeling from what I've read, only a chapter in!

You may remember that last year I read 'The Weight of Silence' by this author and so when I found this book (also on crazy sale at the closing of a bookstore) I picked it up thinking I could probably devour it in a few days and pass it on to my best friend while she's in Tampa in 2 weeks. I started it Tuesday and I've been trying to read 50ish pages a day so hopefully by the end of this weekend of travel, I will be finished.

Gudenkauf has a way with words that keeps you intrigued and on the edge of your seat. Amazon has the following posted:

From Publishers Weekly -

Gudenkauf's scintillating second suspense novel (after The Weight of Silence) opens with the release of 21-year-old Allison Glenn from prison, where she has served five years for an unspecified but particularly horrible crime. Allison is reluctant to enter a halfway house in her hometown of Linden Falls, Iowa, where "even a heroin-addicted prostitute arrested for armed robbery and murder would get more compassion than I ever will." Allison, her family's former golden girl, secures a job at a local bookstore, but her efforts to resume some sort of normal life are undermined by her well-to-do parents' indifference, her sister's hatred, and the stigma of her conviction. Meanwhile, one little boy holds the key to the tragedy that led to Allison's imprisonment. The author slowly and expertly reveals the truth in a tale so chillingly real, it could have come from the latest headlines. (Feb.)
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Doesn't that make you want to grab it off the shelves?

I love book club, it feels good to be back!



Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays leave your suitcase unpacked for several days because you just don't have the time or energy to deal with it. immediately repack it for the following weekend without so much as a sip of tea between. let your room get totally messy from time to time. be sad when your weekend with your family is over because it was perfect - absolutely perfect. take a few days to catch up on the 12, yes 12, cards you received from your favorite penpals last week. neglect your blog from time to time in favor of your real life. make all your phone calls from the car, because you have no other time. run out of milk. go make-up-less to save time, sometimes. be really excited already about a dress you bought for a work banquet in mid-November. miss your blog friend terribly when you can't be read them daily. use every lunch break for a week to catch up on life, laundry, and grocery shopping. go to bed before 10:00 two night in a row.

Hey, it's ok.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Fashion from my Travels.

Ok so since month is about style and I got all serious on you yesterday, lets get back on track. I remembered to take some photos this weekend (with my new phone - finally) for you all of how I dressed when I got a taste of fall in Indianapolis! The weather there was a beautiful break from the Florida heat I so love. I got the chance to wear trenches, scarves, etc. I will get more of that this weekend in Minnesota but in the meantime here's a taste of my fall fashion in Indy.

Blue trench at the Colts game in Lucas Oil Stadium - you all know I love me a good trench.

Finally wearing a scarf - with my sweet friend Sean after the event and before going out to dinner on Saturday night.
Sporting my new reddish-orange Kenneth Cole I found at Nordie Rack from $22 - marked down from 150!
Quite possibly my new favorite shirt - at least until I went shopping with Mom this weekend. Getting ready for the Colts game at my parents house in Carmel (hince cool lookin mirror).



Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello sweet friends. I know it's been a week or so since I've appeared here on the blog. I wonder if you've missed me as much as I've missed being here with you. If I had to describe the last week of my life I would have to say it's been humbling. I don't mean that negatively. As a believer I'm supposed to cherish humility, right?

I turned 26 in the midst of a 12 hour workday filled with fires to put out, stress, and a bit of exhaustion. It wasn't particularly fun or special but I found myself uplifted by the outpouring of love from friends. I got over 200 posts to my facebook wall, tons of phone calls, thousands - I mean literally thousands of texts that forced my phone into error about once an hour, and literally a mailbox full of letters and cards and packages everyday last week. I was humbled by your love.

Hear my heart as I share with you what is so hard for me to say. In the last few months but especially the last few weeks I have struggled with the balance of desiring to do my job with excellence and the rest of my life with the same. As my job has recently demanded more of my time, my energy, my passion, and well, me - my personal life has needed the same. And my heart felt heavy as I wondered - am I really doing any of it well anymore? I felt so ripped apart by trying to be too many things to too many people all at once.

One of my greatest fears is failure and as I got in the car to head to the airport Thursday afternoon, I hung my head and cried. My poor coworker who was driving me was a bit shocked - most of you know me to be strong, upbeat, positive. I'm sure my meltdown was a bit overwelming to her but I finally choked out - 'why can't I do anything right anymore? I have nothing left to give'.

Don't worry, most of that was just the exhaustion of a very long week coupled with anxiety about balancing family and work over an event weekend in my parents hometown. When I fall, I fall hard - but I always bounce back stronger.

I share this with you because it came to a bit of head over the weekend when my Dad was sharing with our dads and kids at the event and he said about fatherhood, 'we cannot fail at this, it's too important'.

I managed to spend a few meals and one very early morning driving my Dad to work - catching up with him and I hope encouraging him. I spent a morning/afternoon shopping and catching up over starbucks with my Mom. And I managed to work in there two event days full of work and feel good about the work I put in there. The one thing I didn't get enough time for was friends, but lucky for me - they understood this trip needed to be about family.

After a long, crazy, but wonderful weekend I hopped a plane back to Tampa late Sunday night to prepare to leave again this Friday for our Vikings event and I kept asking myself, 'what is too important in my life to fail at?'. That friends is where I remain.

Not one to wait around to take action - I came home and let go of some commitments right away. I knew which ones didn't fall into that 'too important' catagory and I said goodbye and opened up a few additional nights in my week. Because the too important to fail list includes my family, my job, my friends, and above ALL else - my relationship with the Lord.

Hear me clearly when I say that I have been humbled by feelings of failure - some warranted and others not. I know more than ever my need for a Savior and for a godly support system I find in my church family and my friends. I serve a gracious God, I tell ya. He gave me exactly what I needed to take me from 'I have nothing left to give' back to feeling my cup overflow. I sat last night and wrote out a long letter to a sweet friend in New Jersey about all the Lord has been teaching me through my study of Ruth and now in 1st Samuel.

If any of you feel caught in this kind of place I offer you this verse that has been on my desk the last few weeks and constantly on my heart:

'But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint' - Isaiah 40:31

I see now more than ever that this holds true in my life. The Lord is where my hope is, and he has given me strength I can't explain in words.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Fairwell to Twenty-five.

Well loves in honor of my last day of being 25 - I wanted to celebrate a GREAT year. 25 noteworthy events during the quarter-life-crisis year:

1. I was in my best friends wedding.

2. I successfully completed my first year of homeownership!

3. and 4. I wore coveralls for the first time AND road a four wheeler, in the dark, on the ice.

5. I added Missouri to my list of states I've been too, putting me one closer to my goal to visit all 50.

6. I finally saw Wicked.

7. and 8. I fell in AND out of love.

9. I kissed a camel, no really I did.

10. Ran my first 5k.

11. I went to New York City for the first time!

12. Saw my blog hit 40,000 views.

13. Finished reading 50 books in a year.

14. Found out I was becoming an Aunt!

15. Met Justin Bieber ...oh wait, he was made of wax.

16. Took dances lessons.

17. Completed a 21 day Daniel Fast. (and broke it with a giant chicken sandwich, obvi)

18. Learned to cook.

19. Got my wisdom teeth pulled, sans drugs (but somehow still looking quite drugged).

20. Got a roommate (for the first time since being a homeowner -does that make me a landlord?)

21. Went to Berns for the first, second, and third times.

22. Sold my first item on Craiglist (and lived to tell about it).

23. Spoke in front of my whole church (that's thousands of people, by the way)

24. Survived my first real injury (a torn romboid - how do you spell that?)

25. Grew up.

This has been a year of learning, growing, friendship, love, and spiritual maturing. I'm so grateful to everyone who has been a part of it. I wouldn't trade it for anything - it has truly been my best year yet. Looking forward to the next one, starting tomorrow.

Loved ya 25,



Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Club Friday: Style Edition.

In the name of Style I'm still participating in the Book Club Friday link up but giving this weeks post a stylish flair...

This week I'm sharing a book ALL about making the most out of what you've got hanging in that closet (or lining the floor, in your makeup bag, and under your sink). This is the book that covers it all from skin care to what handbags go best with your height and build to how to wash your face.

I posted earlier this month some ideas from the book I saw in a magazine and then I quickly hopped online and reserved this baby at the library. I picked it up a couple days ago and started flipping through and I have to say she knows what she's doing! A great book for working on the wardrobe you already have - what to keep that's still fabulous, what needs to go, and what you can redeem with a little tailoring.

This book should be on all our shelves - but especially those budget savvy working girls, this bookw as made for us!



Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Ok Thursday - Style Edition #2.

Its Ok Thursdays

Hey it's ok...

... to untag all unflattering pictures of you from facebook when you're friends post them (I don't want fat arm, my bangs unruly, or to be tagged in photos of me in my bathing suit, thanks). dedicate an entire month to Style on the blog and then suddenly have serious things to say (October may be deep, ya'll) reserve a style book from the library to browse for blog ideas because you've almost exhausted your magazines for this month. schedule your blog posts a week out so you can take a week off...and then show back up because you can't go a week without reading other peoples blogs. blow dry your hair and go from time to time (to work, at least). No flat iron, no curlers, just rollin' it with it. (hey, it's event season people - something had to give) desperately want a boyfriend watch but be non commital on color, brand, and metal so just keep lookin. buy your friends present from time to time - just because it would look great on them. want people to know you loved zebra print before it was cool. have a 'style' to your stationary, not just your wardrobe. obsessively buy office supplies for at home, even though you don't work at home. I like stylish office supplies, sue me. tote books around in your giant purses everywhere because you never know when you might have 5 minutes to read. also tote a Kindle in addition to your library book in said giant purse in case you have tons of time to read, randomly.

What's ok with you this week?



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Honesty Box: Shape Up or Ship Out.

I interrupt this style heavy month to bring you a serious blog...

When I was working as a relationship educator (my first year out of college) we were always explaining to people that you 'teach people how to treat you'. When you're a kid, your behavior is met with one of two responses - the kind that affirms your actions and encourages you to repeat that action (say, taking your dish to the sink) and the kind that makes it clear you better shape up or ship out (say, drinking out of the milk carton).

I was pondering that over the holiday weekend. How am I teaching people to treat me? Let's just say the light bulb really clicked on for me and I said goodbye to some facebook friends, cut some ties, and burnt a few bridges. Alas, I'm dragging no unnecessary baggage from 25 to 26 on Monday. I'm starting fresh and I'm giving my best, and having reasonable but firm expectations of the people in my own life. We'll consider this my giving the necessary people the 'shape up or ship out' look.

No one's perfect BUT everyone needs their standards. I'm not unwilling to extend grace but I have a feeling you all know the kind of people I'm talking about...sometimes you just have to cut em loose. I'm not going to teach anyone to treat me poorly. In my mind cutting people out of your day to day life doesn't have to mean that you are rude, mean, or treat them poorly - it means you create some necessary distance from certain relationships.

Please don't mistake the tone of this blog as being negative. I have never felt more excited about my life and future or more grateful for the incredible people the Lord has placed in this season. I had a perfect weekend followed by a day off that cleared my head and got me pumped for the next year. I'm welcoming 26 (in 6 days) with passion, love, excitement, fun, laughter, and purpose.

I challenge you not to be afraid to shape people up or ship them out - teach people how to treat you right.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Commandments of 9 to 5 Style.

The do's and don't of the 9 to 5ers according to The Hills star Lauren Conrad (who worked at Peoples Revolution and Teen Vogue):

•Thou shalt never let your outfit outshine your work. (Yes, creatives and fashionistas, this applies to you as well!)

•Thou shalt abstain from clothing with obnoxious logos. (Besides Bebe logo tops being so 1999, no one wants a walking billboard in their office.)

•You shall avoid all sexy and revealing clothing. Never show more than 1 inch of cleavage or wear a skirt that skims your bum. For most offices, skirts that hit more than 3 or 4 inches above the knee are considered inappropriate (If you want to wear shorter skirts, or even dress shorts, pair them with opaque tights to temper the higher hemline). Also, no tank tops unless you have something layered over it to cover your shoulders.

•Thou shalt not wear any ripped, torn, or sloppy clothing. This includes anything that can be worn to the gym or the beach (gym shoes and flip-flops etc.).

•Thou shalt dress like my female boss. If you do not have a female boss, emulate the highest-ranking female in your company. This doesn’t mean steal her style. Rather, base your office attire on what she considers appropriate. Is she casual? Always dresses to the nines? Take a cue from the people in positions you aspire to have someday. They don’t say, “dress the part” for no reason.

•You shall always dress to impress—even on “casual Fridays.” Don’t let casual Fridays fool you. Jeans may be okay, but that old tee reserved for lazy Sundays and those hot pink flip-flops are just not going to cut it… Casual Friday attire should be based on your weekly work wear, but taken down a few notches.

•Thou shalt not don underwear as outerwear. Ever. This is pretty self-explanatory…

•You shall always use your best judgment. Consider your work environment and dress accordingly. Anything you can wear to a club should never step foot in an office. If you’re unsure about an outfit, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go with something else.

(full article here)

Here's a few example of Casual Friday done right:



I loved this list though. I couldn't help taking in the 9 to 5 style of New Yorkers on my trip to the city in May and I was shocked by some of the outfits they wore. Granted, I dont' know where they worked - but I can tell you shorts, tiny skirts, and 'club wear' would never fly at my job.

I've read many times to dress for the job you want, not the one you have - and I do love that idea as well. For my job, I have to be aware of how physical my job will be that day as well. If I'm packing 40 boxes to mail to our Rams event in St. Louis - it's not a skirt or dress day. If I'm going to have to sweat in out washing water coolers as part of my post event routine, I'm not going to wear 5 inch heels. So I'm a firm believer in wearing what works for you - but that doesn't mean a compromise on dressing to impress.



Monday, September 5, 2011

7 Must Haves via Kim Kardashian.

Some of you may know about my love for Kim Kardashian's since of style. She was feature on giving the following list of must have's:

1. A trench coat. I agree with this one! I have several. My advice would be to pick them in shades that flatter you. Kim is frequently seen in khaki colored trenches but I'd got to tell you, khaki doesn't do much for me. My top 3 are:

This teal Lauren Conrad trench. I bought it on sale at Kohl's in the spring and sported it the majority of my time in NYC in May. It was a great go-to item because even when I had to covere up my outfit, I felt put together. The color could work almost year round, and works well with my skin tone and my then-burgundy-hair.

Cobalt blue. Fun, bright, and also versatile - I love this coat!

My third trench is probably my favorite but I couldn't find a picture of myself in it. It's red. Red is probably one of my favorite colors to wear - other than kelly green it's one of the most flattering for my coloring and it just has that needed umph. My red trench is by London Fog and I actually found it (no lie) at Sam's Club. It was $29 well spent (I was the same one at Nordstrom for 98).

2. A Black Blazer. Kim says 'You can dress it up or down, wear it with pants or over a dress—a black blazer works with everything.'. I agree! I do have a black blazer my halogen but I'm in the market for one a bit dressier than the one I currently have on my racks.

3. High waisted pants. Hmm, I don't have any of these. Do you? I'm not sure they would be flattering on my build.

4. A wide belt. Yes! I'm all for things that cinch the waist. I couldn't agree more on this one.

This next one may give you a giggle if you read my 'It's Ok Thursday' about style, but Kim says:

5. Leggings. See, I have to beg to differ from the queen of style on this one - I don't think everyone should wear leggings. I have/do on rare occasions with certain outfits but they're really not the best look on me and I think there's probably more people than not who fall into my catagory. Now IF I had her body - yes.

6. Super High Heels. Check. Done and done.

I don't wear heels regularly -because with my currently lifestyle, they just don't make the most sense. I'm too mobile at work for them, and right now I spend more time doing church things and fro yo dates and workout classes then I do dress up events. But I have a few great go to pairs and when the occasion arises - I (literally) rise 6 inches to the challenge.

7. Jumpsuits. Yikes. I would venture to say that in my opinion only about 10% of people should really ever try this trend. They would be awful on me. Again, IF I looked like Kim - yes. Well, actually I might just walk around in a bikini if I looked like her. But still - jumpsuits on Kardashians - yes. Jumpsuits on this girl - not so much.

What would be your 7 must haves?



Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Hit List.

If you prefer to be freakishly organized about all things then you may have a list of items that you want to buy this fall. For those of us in extremely warm climates - this is a good way to pretend like fall is coming soon even though it will more than likely not cool off enough to wear long sleeves til January.

So I thought I'd share with you all MY fall hit list (the ones I've bought and the ones I haven't)...


Fun Scarves. I've bought one so far - at Old Navy. I also bought a fun one in Chinatown while I was in New York City in May. There were tons of great scarves in Chinatown - and actually, Thomas bought me two while he was in NYC the week before me what I will be wearing this fall as well. I'd like a few brightly colored ones to add to the rotation so I'll be keeping my eye out for good deals on them as we enter true fall shopping season.


Comfy Gray. I love gray - because combined with the right accessories it's the perfect 'backdrop', if you will. I found one I loved at Old Navy actually (rare for me, but I had a coupon). I've also seen a few from Caslon I love, but they're a little pricier - maybe later in the season? Gray with jeans and fun accessories is one of my favorite looks, though.

Navy Purse. I've been wanting to a navy purse for a while, but I haven't been able to find one I love within my budget. This Steven by Steve Madden bag has been at Nordstrom Rack this summer and I have been stalking it, regularly (yes, stalking). A few weeks ago it was the only one left but still not on sale and I talked myself into waiting it out. When I got a postcard in the mail about the end of summer sale for Nordie Rack - I determined if this bag was still there and on sale it would my my birthday present to myself. For 60% savings - this bag came home with my last Tuesday on lunch. This is not a great pic - so watch for some after my Indy trip because I plan to carry this then. But the color is called Blueberry. Love it.


Riding Boots. I love the look of riding boots. The ones pictured above are by Coach and if you follow the link you can find that exact pair or several cheaper versions. After my birthday if I have money left over from my grill, I'm totally splurging on some riding boots. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to save up in the clothing catagory of my budget for a while. I consider these a great investment piece - you can dress them up or down in so many ways.


Navy Fedora. I want a navy fedora to pair with a comfy great sweater and my new bag. Seriously, I think they're so cute and fun.

So there you have it - my fall hit list. What's on yours?


Friday, September 2, 2011

Starting September Off in Style.

Continuing to kick off September in Style I wanted to share a few pieces as inspired by an article in People StyleWatch magazine's September issue.

On page 224 there was an article by Amy E. Goodman, she's the author of the book - 'wear this, toss that'. She made a list of the four pieces every woman needs ( my list would include more than 4 items BUT props to her for keeping it simple). So I'm including her list along with the items from my own closet that make up that list.

Amy says about her list in the article, 'These items will end up saving you money - because you'll wear them all the time'.

1. A Super Soft Sweater.

I have to confess - I spent more on this sweater than I would have thought I could muster up the courage to spend. But I loved it. From the feel to the fit to the simple design, I totally fell for it and just had to have it. I visited it 3 times at Nordstrom Rack before pulling the trigger when I realized there was oly one left in my size. I haven't regretted it yet - I still love it. And according to Amy Goodman, I did the right thing.

2. Perfect Fitting Dress.

Please excuse the self portraits via blackberry and mirrors as well as the lack of makeup and the pre-workout headband look. This dress was another find at Nordstrom Rack - courtesy of the clearance rack for $22. I love it. It's a great shade of red that I find to be complexion flattering, it's empire waisted which is ideal for people with my build, etc.

This was actually my favorite item on Goodman's list. I think every girl should have more than one perfect fitting go-to-dress for special occasions (or dates!). I bought this one recently after returning to singlehood thinking it would be the perfect date dress and well, I might just be going on some of those.

3. Sexy heels.

Goodman mentioned both black and open toe which brought these to mind for me. I have a lot of shoes - including heels so it was hard to me to decide which ones to feature as my example for the list but I think Goodman would have approved of this selection. They're got that 'it' factor that gives them a little edge.

4. A Sparkly Piece of Jewelry.

This Stella & Dot necklace was one I fell in love with, couldn't afford, and literally hosted a party to get a sick discount on. I don't wear it often but I have to say, I've loved having it. It's an easy want to dress up a simple dress but it's equally fun paired with a simple jeans, tee, and blazer combo. Versatile,comfy (not too heavy on my neck), and always eye catching.

This isn't the list I would have made (hmm, maybe I'll feature mine later this month) BUT I have to admit after thinking it through, I do feel like having these four items has given my wardrobe a little umph. They're great go to piece to spice up an outfit. I think the trick is to have statement pieces but to know how to combine them with simple, no frills pieces so as not to look 'overdone'.

Welcome to Septemeber which for this blog will be primarily about style. We're off to a great start, don't you think? Do you have these 4 items in your closet? What would be on your list?



Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Ok Thursday - Style Edition.

Welcome to September loves! This is my favorite month of the year and not just because it includes my birthday. It's also football season, fall weather, and the beginning of my favorite set of clothes. I don't like cold weather (like colder than 60) which is why I live in Florida but I so appreciate being able to wear jeans and a light jacket. This month on the blog will be almost entirely about style and so I bring to you the style edition of 'It's OK Thursday'...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok.... jump on a trend bandwagon and later think ' that looked terrible on me'. recognize, in advance, that some trends just weren't ment for you - *ahem* - leggins.

... to refuse to dress 80s, again, because you were around for the first time and you weren't that keen on neon then.

... to have a totally awesome wardrobe, and still prefer sweatpants. shop at high school stores after high school (but not so much ok to still wear graphic tees everyday). own at least 5 pairs of heels you never wear because they aren't comfortable and you're not sure if you'll have to stand for more than 5 minutes.

... to borrow a friends clothes and accept all the compliments without giving them credit. brag about how good a deal you got on a piece someone loves. (I'm so glad you love this dress - I got it for 38 bucks - marked down from 298...exact example of my Rebecca Taylor silk dress). want to blog about style for a month even though you're not an expert. secretly judge the 60 year old women of Tampa who wear bikini's to gas stations. want to buy you niece rediculous kids things like baby uggs and burberry sundresses - even though she's not yet born and will probably urp on them. wear $20 tees with $300 handbags because accessories make the outfit.

I love it's ok Thursdays and I'm excited for a month of Style on the blog.