Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Hit List.

If you prefer to be freakishly organized about all things then you may have a list of items that you want to buy this fall. For those of us in extremely warm climates - this is a good way to pretend like fall is coming soon even though it will more than likely not cool off enough to wear long sleeves til January.

So I thought I'd share with you all MY fall hit list (the ones I've bought and the ones I haven't)...


Fun Scarves. I've bought one so far - at Old Navy. I also bought a fun one in Chinatown while I was in New York City in May. There were tons of great scarves in Chinatown - and actually, Thomas bought me two while he was in NYC the week before me what I will be wearing this fall as well. I'd like a few brightly colored ones to add to the rotation so I'll be keeping my eye out for good deals on them as we enter true fall shopping season.


Comfy Gray. I love gray - because combined with the right accessories it's the perfect 'backdrop', if you will. I found one I loved at Old Navy actually (rare for me, but I had a coupon). I've also seen a few from Caslon I love, but they're a little pricier - maybe later in the season? Gray with jeans and fun accessories is one of my favorite looks, though.

Navy Purse. I've been wanting to a navy purse for a while, but I haven't been able to find one I love within my budget. This Steven by Steve Madden bag has been at Nordstrom Rack this summer and I have been stalking it, regularly (yes, stalking). A few weeks ago it was the only one left but still not on sale and I talked myself into waiting it out. When I got a postcard in the mail about the end of summer sale for Nordie Rack - I determined if this bag was still there and on sale it would my my birthday present to myself. For 60% savings - this bag came home with my last Tuesday on lunch. This is not a great pic - so watch for some after my Indy trip because I plan to carry this then. But the color is called Blueberry. Love it.


Riding Boots. I love the look of riding boots. The ones pictured above are by Coach and if you follow the link you can find that exact pair or several cheaper versions. After my birthday if I have money left over from my grill, I'm totally splurging on some riding boots. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to save up in the clothing catagory of my budget for a while. I consider these a great investment piece - you can dress them up or down in so many ways.


Navy Fedora. I want a navy fedora to pair with a comfy great sweater and my new bag. Seriously, I think they're so cute and fun.

So there you have it - my fall hit list. What's on yours?



Meghan said...

I wear a ton of gray and I practically live in sweaters and riding boots in the fall:)

Jess... said...

Riding boots, for sure! <3

Katie said...

Ooh-- the navy purse with fedora would be super cute!! And people give me such grief because I wear so much grey-- but I love it!! :)