Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Club Friday - Four Books Deep.

Please excuse my lack of updates to my 2011 reading list and my lack of contributions to book club. I actually have been keeping up with my reading, though it's been mostly on the go lately (why yes, that include reading at stoplights and on planes).

I finished my study of Ruth with Kelly Minter followed by the next two books in the James Patterson's women's murder club (they're on the list too, now) and have moved on to read simultaneously the following two books:

Found this book at the closing of a bookstore for 75% off and after being told for a long time by many people I would love it - I have begun! I'm only a few pages into this but I have to say, I'm impressed so far. I like his style of writing, the heart behind his message, and the level of inspiration I'm feeling from what I've read, only a chapter in!

You may remember that last year I read 'The Weight of Silence' by this author and so when I found this book (also on crazy sale at the closing of a bookstore) I picked it up thinking I could probably devour it in a few days and pass it on to my best friend while she's in Tampa in 2 weeks. I started it Tuesday and I've been trying to read 50ish pages a day so hopefully by the end of this weekend of travel, I will be finished.

Gudenkauf has a way with words that keeps you intrigued and on the edge of your seat. Amazon has the following posted:

From Publishers Weekly -

Gudenkauf's scintillating second suspense novel (after The Weight of Silence) opens with the release of 21-year-old Allison Glenn from prison, where she has served five years for an unspecified but particularly horrible crime. Allison is reluctant to enter a halfway house in her hometown of Linden Falls, Iowa, where "even a heroin-addicted prostitute arrested for armed robbery and murder would get more compassion than I ever will." Allison, her family's former golden girl, secures a job at a local bookstore, but her efforts to resume some sort of normal life are undermined by her well-to-do parents' indifference, her sister's hatred, and the stigma of her conviction. Meanwhile, one little boy holds the key to the tragedy that led to Allison's imprisonment. The author slowly and expertly reveals the truth in a tale so chillingly real, it could have come from the latest headlines. (Feb.)
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Doesn't that make you want to grab it off the shelves?

I love book club, it feels good to be back!




Heather said...

Ohh that one does sound like a page turner! Have a safe trip!!

Katie said...

I read These Things Hidden a few months ago-- you'll have to let me know what you think! It was very interesting...