Friday, September 2, 2011

Starting September Off in Style.

Continuing to kick off September in Style I wanted to share a few pieces as inspired by an article in People StyleWatch magazine's September issue.

On page 224 there was an article by Amy E. Goodman, she's the author of the book - 'wear this, toss that'. She made a list of the four pieces every woman needs ( my list would include more than 4 items BUT props to her for keeping it simple). So I'm including her list along with the items from my own closet that make up that list.

Amy says about her list in the article, 'These items will end up saving you money - because you'll wear them all the time'.

1. A Super Soft Sweater.

I have to confess - I spent more on this sweater than I would have thought I could muster up the courage to spend. But I loved it. From the feel to the fit to the simple design, I totally fell for it and just had to have it. I visited it 3 times at Nordstrom Rack before pulling the trigger when I realized there was oly one left in my size. I haven't regretted it yet - I still love it. And according to Amy Goodman, I did the right thing.

2. Perfect Fitting Dress.

Please excuse the self portraits via blackberry and mirrors as well as the lack of makeup and the pre-workout headband look. This dress was another find at Nordstrom Rack - courtesy of the clearance rack for $22. I love it. It's a great shade of red that I find to be complexion flattering, it's empire waisted which is ideal for people with my build, etc.

This was actually my favorite item on Goodman's list. I think every girl should have more than one perfect fitting go-to-dress for special occasions (or dates!). I bought this one recently after returning to singlehood thinking it would be the perfect date dress and well, I might just be going on some of those.

3. Sexy heels.

Goodman mentioned both black and open toe which brought these to mind for me. I have a lot of shoes - including heels so it was hard to me to decide which ones to feature as my example for the list but I think Goodman would have approved of this selection. They're got that 'it' factor that gives them a little edge.

4. A Sparkly Piece of Jewelry.

This Stella & Dot necklace was one I fell in love with, couldn't afford, and literally hosted a party to get a sick discount on. I don't wear it often but I have to say, I've loved having it. It's an easy want to dress up a simple dress but it's equally fun paired with a simple jeans, tee, and blazer combo. Versatile,comfy (not too heavy on my neck), and always eye catching.

This isn't the list I would have made (hmm, maybe I'll feature mine later this month) BUT I have to admit after thinking it through, I do feel like having these four items has given my wardrobe a little umph. They're great go to piece to spice up an outfit. I think the trick is to have statement pieces but to know how to combine them with simple, no frills pieces so as not to look 'overdone'.

Welcome to Septemeber which for this blog will be primarily about style. We're off to a great start, don't you think? Do you have these 4 items in your closet? What would be on your list?




Wiz said...

Great list! I would have to add a good pair of jeans and boots! So glad it is September!

Katie said...

Love all of these!!! But that dress is my fave-- it's GORGEOUS.