Monday, September 5, 2011

7 Must Haves via Kim Kardashian.

Some of you may know about my love for Kim Kardashian's since of style. She was feature on giving the following list of must have's:

1. A trench coat. I agree with this one! I have several. My advice would be to pick them in shades that flatter you. Kim is frequently seen in khaki colored trenches but I'd got to tell you, khaki doesn't do much for me. My top 3 are:

This teal Lauren Conrad trench. I bought it on sale at Kohl's in the spring and sported it the majority of my time in NYC in May. It was a great go-to item because even when I had to covere up my outfit, I felt put together. The color could work almost year round, and works well with my skin tone and my then-burgundy-hair.

Cobalt blue. Fun, bright, and also versatile - I love this coat!

My third trench is probably my favorite but I couldn't find a picture of myself in it. It's red. Red is probably one of my favorite colors to wear - other than kelly green it's one of the most flattering for my coloring and it just has that needed umph. My red trench is by London Fog and I actually found it (no lie) at Sam's Club. It was $29 well spent (I was the same one at Nordstrom for 98).

2. A Black Blazer. Kim says 'You can dress it up or down, wear it with pants or over a dress—a black blazer works with everything.'. I agree! I do have a black blazer my halogen but I'm in the market for one a bit dressier than the one I currently have on my racks.

3. High waisted pants. Hmm, I don't have any of these. Do you? I'm not sure they would be flattering on my build.

4. A wide belt. Yes! I'm all for things that cinch the waist. I couldn't agree more on this one.

This next one may give you a giggle if you read my 'It's Ok Thursday' about style, but Kim says:

5. Leggings. See, I have to beg to differ from the queen of style on this one - I don't think everyone should wear leggings. I have/do on rare occasions with certain outfits but they're really not the best look on me and I think there's probably more people than not who fall into my catagory. Now IF I had her body - yes.

6. Super High Heels. Check. Done and done.

I don't wear heels regularly -because with my currently lifestyle, they just don't make the most sense. I'm too mobile at work for them, and right now I spend more time doing church things and fro yo dates and workout classes then I do dress up events. But I have a few great go to pairs and when the occasion arises - I (literally) rise 6 inches to the challenge.

7. Jumpsuits. Yikes. I would venture to say that in my opinion only about 10% of people should really ever try this trend. They would be awful on me. Again, IF I looked like Kim - yes. Well, actually I might just walk around in a bikini if I looked like her. But still - jumpsuits on Kardashians - yes. Jumpsuits on this girl - not so much.

What would be your 7 must haves?




Ashleigh said...

I CANNOT do high waisted pants... my torso is really short, so it would look funny. But, I do love leggings :-) LOL. every since I had a baby, leggings have been my friend. I think a classy pair of flats (like black Tory Burch ones) are necessary, definitely a trench coat or light jacket i.e. like a burberry raincoat, and i love layers. Ok.. ive talked enough.

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

High heels and a black blazer are probably my two faves from this one!

I think high waisted pants are adorable, but I don't think I'd dare! haha

Neely said...

Im a big fan of leggings, trench coats and blazers...I dont wear heels or jumpsuits...not my thing!

Meghan said...

I agree with everything except the jumpsuits:) My black blazer is a definite staple!

Jess... said...

ICK, I would also have to disagree with a jumpsuit. Terrible look on me! I do, however, love my leggings. Although I hate when people wear leggings as pants. I wear them with my dresses/long shirts that are that in between length in the winter.

And I love ALL of your trench coats. I think I might have to get me one!

Ashley said...

High-waisted pants and jumpsuits make me nervous :)

I hated leggings for quite awhile, but I've been wearing them a lot over the last couple of years, and I kinda like them now. I like heels, but I'm so clumsy that I'm afraid I'll hurt myself!

Amber said...

I love me some Kim K. Love this list. I've been wanting a trench coat! I like leggings, but like you said, they are NOT for everyone! :)

Wiz said...

Sometimes I dont want to take my trench coat off because I think my outfit looks better with it on!

And jumpsuits...not on this girl!

Savanah said...

Love that LC trench coat!!! I saw it at Kohl's and loved it but they didn't have my size :(

Katie said...

I'm WAAAAAY too short to wear high waisted pants. But that also makes me the perfect candidate for super-high heels. I love them.

That will also be a no on the jumpsuits. No. No no no no no no.