Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Ok Thursday - Style Edition #2.

Its Ok Thursdays

Hey it's ok...

... to untag all unflattering pictures of you from facebook when you're friends post them (I don't want fat arm, my bangs unruly, or to be tagged in photos of me in my bathing suit, thanks). dedicate an entire month to Style on the blog and then suddenly have serious things to say (October may be deep, ya'll) reserve a style book from the library to browse for blog ideas because you've almost exhausted your magazines for this month. schedule your blog posts a week out so you can take a week off...and then show back up because you can't go a week without reading other peoples blogs. blow dry your hair and go from time to time (to work, at least). No flat iron, no curlers, just rollin' it with it. (hey, it's event season people - something had to give) desperately want a boyfriend watch but be non commital on color, brand, and metal so just keep lookin. buy your friends present from time to time - just because it would look great on them. want people to know you loved zebra print before it was cool. have a 'style' to your stationary, not just your wardrobe. obsessively buy office supplies for at home, even though you don't work at home. I like stylish office supplies, sue me. tote books around in your giant purses everywhere because you never know when you might have 5 minutes to read. also tote a Kindle in addition to your library book in said giant purse in case you have tons of time to read, randomly.

What's ok with you this week?




Kate said...

Yep, I take my Kindle everywhere too. Wishful thinking probably, but you never know! :)

Ashleigh said...

this is a great list!! you are such a good person, becca i.e. thinking of what looks good on friends... seems like you take a lot of stock in friendships. cant wait to get your letter!!

Café Moka said...

I totally untag pictures of me from facebook haha!
Love your list!

Kendra said...

I always have my book with me...ALWAYS!

Amber said...

I always blog a week in advance, so that way I have time to read during the week.. except for this week I obvi didn't ;)