Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

Here we go again. It's ok... write out detailed menus of what you're going to feed your friends all weekend because you're so excited to have them in your home. be obsessed with football, 24-7. miss an entire week of working out because you worked 33 hours of overtime, literally. eat fro yo for dinner 2 nights in a row, to catch up with friends. be giddy with excitement when you check the mail everyday. be thankful everyday that you don't have a blackberry anymore. hate the idea of not finishing a book a week so much you have your kindle read to you at work when you're too busy to read at night. find yourself raising your standards on guys higher and higher because you have the most amazing guy friends ever to compare every guy too. laugh off the rumors you hear about yourself (which seem to be plenty where I'm concerned) because honestly, they're funny. be trying to play catch up in all your relationships from 2 weeks of craziness (I actually think I'm doing a pretty good job!). want to buy a new dress for every occasion, even though you have 50. be excited when your coworker tells you, you look beautiful on the one day this week you've done your hair.




Jess... said... be thankful everyday that you don't have a blackberry anymore.

OH SO TRUE!!!! "Hey It's OK" posts are my fav to read!

Kate said...

How does your Kindle read to you?? How did I miss this feature? Share please! :)
Have a great weekend with your friends. Relax. You deserve it!

Celia said...

don't you just love rumors? it's like um... where was i when this happened?

LOVE having high standards! :)

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Definitely Have high standards. You deserve the best!

Amber said...

I nodded at all of these! :) I love planning meals, buying dresses for occasions and so excited to check my mail. P.S. Raise those standards girl! :) You deserve the most amazing man.

Ashley said...

I always look for a good excuse to buy a new dress!! They are my favorite things ever!

I have been pretty obsessively checking the mail lately too. Speaking of mail, I have not had an opportunity to write you back yet! Things have been super crazy, and I've been working late most nights. Hopefully I'll get back to you in the next few days!

Neely said...

I am def obsessed with Football 24-7! Its OK :)