Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Books You Can't Put Down.

I like to describe things in extremist form.  If I bake something for you I will always ask if it changed your life a little bit.  With books I define a great book by whether or not I can put it down.  I actually mean this literally as I nearly chopped my own toe off with a ceramic coaster this week because I wouldn't close my book to walk upstairs and as I grabbed my coffee cup, didn't realize the coaster was stuck to the bottom until it fell off and stabbed my toe on the way down.  So there's that.

Here's my book I couldn't put down list from this summer for those of you who keep asking me what you should read next:

First and foremost read this one:

Now only could I not put this book down, I raved about it so much 3 of my friend finished the same copy of my book within a week.  Yes, that good.  Buy it, read it, pass it on, rave about it and repeat.

Here's the summary from Amazon:

A pilot's wife is taught to be prepared for the late-night knock at the door. But when Kathryn Lyons receives word that a plan flown by her husband, Jack, has exploded near the coast of Ireland, she confronts the unfathomable-one startling revelation at a time. Soon drawn into a maelstrom of publicity fueled by rumors that Jack led a secret life, Kathryn sets out to learn who her husband really was, whatever that knowledge might cost. Her search propels this taut, impassioned novel as it movingly explores the question, How well can we ever really know another person?

This next one is a 4-in-1 recommendation and actually Amber of Brunch with Amber the blog gave me this set so thanks girl - you're the best.

I started this on Monday and I'm almost done with book 3.  Yeah, so there's that.  And no, I haven't been home sick in bed, I've just been staying up too late and getting up too early to work it in.  Oh and reading in the gym, at stop lights, and every other chance I get.  My warning on this one is some parts of the book are a little 'racier' than my usual recommendations so if that bothers you, steer clear.  You've been warned.

I love the theme of the friendships in the books though and I have to say I'm a sucker for friends who turn into couples.

I'll skip the amazon on this one and tell you that it's about 4 best friends who go into the bridal business together.  They are: an event planner, a florist, a baker, and photographer.  Each book follows a different friend on the path to love and romance.

Ok, 5 books is enough for now kids.  I'll get back to you with more soon since I have the most amazing friends in the world and they gift me books (oh hey, maybe I'll get a whole new stack for my birthday next month?).



Amber said...

Makes me so happy you're loving the Bridal Quartet as much as I did! Now, I need to get my hands on The Pilot's Wife!

Katie said...

I've heard SO much about the Bridal Quartet but never read it. But a recommendation from Becca means that it must go on my to-read list! And the Pilot's Wife has been on that list forever already...