Thursday, January 22, 2009


2009 promises to be an exciting year in the Christensen household. Make that the Christensen/Breslin household (Love ya Rae and Bres). Here are just a few things we have to look forward too...

With many changes to the Colts staff - some sad, some exciting. I think it will be an interesting year for us in the football realm. I look forward to the great things to come as we remain Indianapolis Colts in 2009!

Dad will still be there and be able to continue is his work with All Pro Dad in the greater Indianapolis area, as well as continue his read through the bible in a year study with some of his collegues.

I'm excited that Momma & I have a new found common bond in that we are both currently working at Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Our rolesare quite different but it has been great to compare and contrast strategies as we fight (though many states away) for the sanctity of human life together. It has blessed me to watch her new found love of counsling and she has already taught me so many things.

My "little Ruthie" will be graduating in May and heading off to a to-be-determined college. I wish I wasn't so far away as those letters are coming in -- but I'm no less anxious about those answers and the upcoming decisions she has then I was about my own. It's hard to believe it's been 5 YEARS since I was making my college decision and that now my baby is almost all grown up.

Ramie will become Dr. Breslin in 2009, which is another huge development I'm anxiously awaiting. As always, I couldn't be prouder of her. My Bresford continues his studies at Duke and even though I will never cheer for them in sports - I'm also really proud of him and excited for his time in seminary. I hope someday I live close enough to be a member of his church. : ]

As for me, 2009 promises to be my most exciting year yet. It's hard to believe that I am nearing the end of my 9th month in Tampa! Time has truely flown by and I'm so blessed to have settle so easily (and quickly) into the my life here. I love this city and right now, I can't imagine myself anywhere else. God has continued to bless my work here and even in the first few weeks of 2009 we are seeing great progress in the Hillsborough County Schools.

I know I'm a true Floridian because this week our temps dropped to 30 and I pulled out my winter coat and uggs. : ] Ahh, life is good.


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