Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Challenge.

As a joke I bought my coworker who just had a mildly disastrous dating experience a book called, "1001 Ways to Meet Mr. Right". We started reading them and laughing hysterically and then out of this hysteria we formed a challenge.

The challenge was to randomly select 10 ways from the book (each from a different category) and we have to complete them and blog the results of each.

So here are my 10 ...

1. Friends - let a friend set you up.
2. Southwest Airlines (you get to pick your seat, pick wisely)
3. ( no longer existed so we had to find me a new one)
4. Charity food or wine event
5. Painting Class
6. Candy Store
7. Bagel shop
8. Business district bar
9. A comedy club
10. Watching the sun rise

The challenge is to complete 1 per week starting next week...

This will be quite an experiment...anxiously await our details!


Note: Other participants can be found here: - Joy - Mer


Lynn Wenger said...

Have you seen the Chat With Women Bachelorette contest? You should check it out at

Jessica Corbin said...

I CANNOT wait to see how this goes!! Hopefully #2 wont be a packed flight incase you end up sitting next to a total creeper. #6 sounds a little creepy, but is better than Mer's at "high school track." And #10 let me know when you're schedule allows you to watch the sun rise other than while at work with Jordan. All-in-all I can't wait to hear all about it!!! And you know I'm working on #1 for you...

mjm said...

I as so cracking up and you and Joy!!!!