Sunday, May 31, 2009

Challenge - Task #1

6. Candy Store

First off, thank you to all who have taken an interest in the "Mr. Right" challenge that my friends and I have going. I have a tendency to get an idea and run with it. Thankfully I have amazing, fun-loving friends who are always up for an adventure. This is certainly one of my most interesting ideas. The excitement of those following this has certainly fueled my desire to complete the challenge, so thank you for your participation and support.

I'm here to report on the first task I tackled, a candy shop. This was listed in the "kid friendly" section of where you can meet Mr. Right. Kimberly & I hit Hyde Park to do some tasty research. Does Mr. Right hangout in candy stores?...

We visited: - City Street Sweets in Hyde Park. I highly recommend you pop in for a visit - not only was the owner a complete doll but the chocolate was life-changing. Great location, fun to walk around in that area and munch on your goodies. Two thumbs up from me.

However, the challenge is to find Mr. Right, so if you're wondering if he was lurking behind the biggest candy apples I've ever seen....the answer, sadly, is no. While in theory a candy store makes sense as a 'kid friendly' way to meet people there weren't actually any other people in the store but us. However, we won't rule this option out yet as Kimberly and I both signed up for the e-mail list to be invited to future events. City Street Sweets holds a monthly live music event, as well as some summer events where you can bring kids. Maybe Mr. Right is still to be found @ the candy shop, just not tonight.

Which task to tackle next...hmm.



Heather Dreher said...

Actually, lol, I met Jason at a Ben and Jerry's, so this could actually work! Oh and he was working, not visiting, so ya never know! :) This is so awesome by the way! I am glad your having fun with it!

Becca Christensen said...

Heath, that's awesome. I never knew that. Thanks so much for reading and for the support. The challenge is certainly fun and outside of the box. : ] I like it.

Love you!

Jessica Corbin said...

Hopefully they'll have an even coming up soon this summer. Have you decided on wk 2 yet?