Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo Journal of Indy Trip

I thought it would be a fun change of pace to document my Indy trip via cell phone pics and then make a sort of photoblog of it. Oh the places you will go...

First pic: The Indy Airport. I arrived in Indy after midnight, exhausted after an 8 hour work day, 2 plane flights, and some total creepsters sitting next to me. Thanks AirTran.

This is the cafeteria area, where the players eat and sometimes listen to someone talk. For the purposes of the event, this is where our VIPs got to chat with the coaches and player, get their pics taken, and have their gear autographed. It was a big hit.

Next pic is home to the VIP check in area, which turned out to be my place of choice for the event. Marlene and I tackled checking in of the VIPs which ran smoothly for the most part. I really want a silver metal horseshoe like that one for my room. Wonder where I can get one...legally. : ]

The event! The tiny man in yellow in this photo is Dad giving his breif words of wisdom to the crowd out on the practice field! Always fun to work events with my Daddy. Also fun to hear Coach Caldwell and quarterback Jim Sorgi speak on fatherhood. Great crew this year & great crowd!

This pic is during a later office tour we took Ruthie (right) and Lindsay (left) on. Linds was visiting us from Tennessee! Love her. Don't you wish your office had a game room?!

Where the grunt work takes place. Pictured is Dad and half of Ruthie in the weight room trying out a few machines. It's safe to report, I don't have what it takes to be a Colt, at least not ON the field.
Well, that was short but sweet. Hope you enjoyed. Sadly, did not manage to picture my lovely dinner with Candy & Josh OR my 2 hours stint on the golfcart delivering families to their cars after the event. Another great week with the All Pro Dad team as well as with the fam!


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