Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr. Right on the Internet.

I had an interesting chat with Meredith yesterday, who's blog you may also be following.  The truth is in our continuing self discovery of what it's like to be 20-something, we realized that despite our go-getter attitudes towards this challenge were not really looking for love.  We've both been dating over the past few months (though so far not anyone from the contest) but were still not sure if were really ready to find the one.

I set out to complete the contest and so I will continue until I do!  However, I guess I view this more as a "How to lose a guy in 10 days" experiment then my own personal journey to find someone.

That being said...

If Mr. Right is on the internet, I did NOT find him. let's you sign up for a free profile on a sort of trial basis.  Along the lines of those Match commercials that say 'it's ok to look'.  Isn't it amazing how stalkerish the internet has made us all?

So in my inability to trust the internet to be able to find me the perfect match, I did not pay the 50 bucks to try for a month.  My friends and I all made the rule that we didn't have to shell out tons of money to complete these challenges so we've had to modify several challenges.  Though, if they'd done a better job with the suggested matches they sent me I would have considered paying and going on a date with someone just to see how it went.

However, I was really unimpressed!  They sent me 3 guys a day for as long as I continued to regularly reject them as completely unsuitable.  I did this for over a week, just to see...they never got better!

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think finding the right person for yourself is about looks.  However, if I put a type into my profile it would be advisable to send me people who are not the polar opposite of my description of what I like!  They did it to the guys they suggested me to as well.  I would go to some of their profiles and it would say they were attracted to tall women for example.  Well at 5'4 on a good day, I hardly qualify. continued to send me these.  Also, they sent me guys who didn't meet my personality or lifestyle requirements. I listed Christianity as my religion and rated it 100% important that the person I would end up with agree.  They sent me several non-christians (including one person who didn't even believe in a religion at all) and none of them listed religion as a high priority in their lives.  That wouldn't have gotten us far, now would it?!

One particular guy they sent me as a match didn't have a job.  Now, I understand we're in the middle of a recession.  But I listed career as one of the aspects of my life that I place in pretty high esteem.  It's important to me to be professional!  I would prefer to date someone who also cares about having a career.  I think this is even more important at my rather young age.  If they're not motivated now, then when?  This person was a student, but he was also 28.  Probably time to graduate friend.

I listed football as a primary interest of mine.  They matched me with several guys who don't like sports! What?!  I'm sorry but that's just wrong.  How would they ever fit into my family?  If you don't watch Sports Center and I'm going to have to teach you all the positions on a football team on our first trip to see my family, you're not making the cut. Period.  I had week long nightmares of questions like 'What's the quarterback do?'. Ugh. 

Ok, so the other feature of my trial membership with Chemistry is that they send me e-mails when people select that they are interested in me.  Hmm.  Problem with this is they don't actually let you see the person's picture or profile until you pay the $50. Touche.  

After the 10 or so guys they thought I'd have 'chemistry' with, there was no way I was paying $50 to see who liked me!

So before I Debbie Downer internet dating, I should take the time to say this method has been successful for several of my friends.  None of them have used though.  Actually, if you have a story (good or bad) about internet dating then let me know - maybe I will post it! : ]


Coming Next: Southwest Airlines!


Heather Dreher said...

I am so excited for Southwest Airlines!!! That blog and challenge should be very interesting!

Stetson in Stilettos said...

Becca great blog!

I'll tell you my dad's best advice...go to a Barnes and Noble. If a guys is buying a book in self help STOP! But if he is looking at business or history books, or maybe in the christian section you have yourself a winner. Plus you know they are probably intellectual if they like to read.

Bonus there is a coffee shop located right inside the store. Make yourself noticable, strike up a conversation, then politley state that you were about to grab some coffee would you like to continue our conversation there?

Also I met Ryan at our YMCA he is def. not a meat head, but he does care about staying in shape. Now if I could just get motivated to use it it would be great! But I have had several date request coming from the gym.

Good Luck with your search!

Jessica Corbin said...

I agree with the comment about Barnes and Noble... I wasn't sure if that counted as a "bagel shop" for your previous challenge but there are always good looking business style looking men that are under 30!

Anonymous said...

I am currently single, and is part of the reason. Part of the "personality" section doesn't include the traits of controlling, abusive, sexist, etc...

Plus, I love sports as well, and run marathons. I wanted an active match. They sent me people who didn't like running, and had zero to one time per week as their workout status.

BTW...join a charity running club. That is where you find men with great bodies and a heart of gold! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is in one of your challenges, but when I go to the grocery store it's usually later at night after work around 10pm or so, and EVERYTIME I go later at night, I always notice several very very attractive guys themselves. Proably go their after the gym or something...idk what the explanation is for it, but you should check it out!