Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenge #2.

Challenge #2 is completed.  I chose task number 7 and I visited a bagel shop.  Actually, I went twice in one week.  I chose Panera because it has more places to sit than Einstein and it's a slightly less awkward place to loiter.  I went for the first time during the week; in the morning before work.  I was afraid of looking like a total creeper by bringing my laptop and typing the results as I went like Harriet the Spy of 2009.  So,  I took my book and bagel and found a comfy chair that was available in a lounge area and plopped down to do my 'research'.

Lets say attempt one at the bagel shop was a bust.  I thought my place of choosing was perfect because it gave people the opportunity (and by people I mean Mr. Right should he have the hankering for a bagel) the chance to casually take a seat in my area and strike up a conversation.  Good plan, right? 

Wrong.  Do you know who DID sit by me? Some random lady probably 15 years old than me with her quiche that smelled foul.  It was all I could do to gag quietly so she wouldn't hear me and I had to be a mouth breather for the rest of my stay!  Ugh.  No way was Mr. Right, who never showed, going to want to sit within 15 feet of me with that stench.  

I will share that I finally saw one really cute guy who was close to my age.  Sadly, he was joined by his equally attractive girlfriend about 3 minutes later. Get it girl!

Abort mission number one.

Since making this challenge public via blog was my idea, I decided to set the tone.  Attempt one was such a complete failure I went back for round two.  This time I picked a weekend morning.  Saturday, 1030am-ish.  That seemed reasonable.  If Mr. Right is not motivated enough to hit Panera to read before work, than maybe he comes to coffee on Saturday mornings.  That seems suave and sophisticated.  

Round Two: Ding ding ding!

I got the exact same breakfast.  This time I selected a booth where I had a pretty good view of the Panera crowd and sat down with my book.  I'm a busy girl, I have to multi-task.  So I completed my challenge and worked on my book for July's book club all at once.

Round two went somewhat differently.  There was a guy who caught my eye.  He was there with his Dad and brother (from what I could gather, Harriet the Spy style).  My best guess is they were taking their Dad out for an early Father's Day b-fast.  How presh is that?  I dig a guy whos got a good relationship with his fam!  Little did they know they were being watched.

So this is the first time that I was confronted with something that should have been an obvious question when the challenge started...what now?  I can't very well walk up to cute guy and the male half of his family and say "Hey I'm Becca and I'm blogging about whether you can meet great guys at a bagel shop...you're cute, let's chat so I can blog my success".  Well, I could have.  It would have been the truth actually.  However, even I'm not that bold.

So IF he was Mr. Right I missed out on my chance.  While pondering a non-obvious was to get to talk to him, they finished and left.  Oops.  I'm not sure if that makes this mission or me the failure for round two?

Note to self, in future missions have a better plan.

After 2 attempts without real success I will say I think a bagel shop makes sense as a place to meet someone.  I will be going back to read (and people watch) in the future.  Who knows, it very well could work for someone.  I wouldn't rule it out as an impossibility!

The challenges are going to get harder from here.  Stay tuned for future updates.


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Jessica Corbin said...

I wouldn't call you or the challenge a failure. Boxing matches usually have 3-5 rounds so you've still got a few chances to make it work. Which Panera did you go to? I have a few other spots that I go to for coffee (usually not a bagel) that attract a nice looking group of people... let me know how specific you are trying to be when it comes to "bagel shop".