Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Price of Love.

It's not time to release #2 on my dating list, though I will report it IS done! However, I wanted to note a few interesting observations that I have had. They're slight "glitches" in my planning for my 10 assignments. I'm chosing to be positive and say that I WILL find a way to complete my tasks in some capacity or another.

I figured that my pursuit of Mr. Right on would take a little bit of effort. You know, throwing out my old college ways of saving things until the last minute I went ahead and signed up for the free trial to start browsing. This gave me a few weeks to paruse before I actually have to e-mail dialog with someone. I relate expressing interest to someone on to poking someone you think has a cute profile pic on facebook...a bit awkward. To be honest, I've never had the desire to internet date (mostly because I'm not a big fan of dating in general). I do believe in being a good sport in any and all things though. So, I signed up.

Perhaps because I chose a free trial and haven't up'd to the $50 monthly plan, has not done a good job of finding ANYONE that seems like they would be a good fit for me. It gives you three options per day of guys that might be perfect for you. In the "what they're looking for" catagory not one of them seemed to be looking for me. One was looking for a latino lady, while I'm listed as Native hawaiin & white. Hmm, I know we're both brown but the cultures aren't anything alike!

I dont' want to ruin it by saying too much before my entry about this but I will say I don't know how people deal with these sites!

Next up, let's talk about the Charity food & wine events. I'll share the website I used, etc when I blog about attending one. But suffice to say that the one that most interested me was $475 per person! Yikes. If Mr. Right is going to cost me $500 bucks he better come with a new Chanel tote attached! Gees.

My 'research' has made me amazed at what some people must do in order to find love.

More on my adventures and misadventures in the "Mr. Right" challenge soon. Thanks for following and for all your funny input along the way! Challenge #2 will be up in full detail early next week.



Rachel said...

I'm a little sad there was no mention of the computer guy in this blog. Please tell me this means there will be an entire post dedicated to the hilarity of today's encounter...complete with picture!?

Jessica Corbin said...

Internet dating is tricky and quite time consuming. I don't think people realize this. But at least you've given yourself time to filter through the site before shelling out the money to be frustrated with suggestions they give you. ...I do think that there are times when they holdout on the best matches til after they get your money so you'll have to sign up.