Monday, June 29, 2009

The Friendly Sky.

Thankfully my travel task for the challenge was to meet someone on Southwest Airlines. Honestly, Southwest is my absolute favorite airline. Their prices are the best, the baggage is free (as it should be), AND you can pick your seat which means I don't have to get stuck next to a screaming child or a total creeper! Needless to say, I already had a flight booked for Raleigh, NC. A flight that I took this past weekend. So I'm here to report back the intimate details of my experience.

First off, this challenge has been interesting in the way that it has affected my thought process. Being someone who's been more focused on school and careers than boys from day one to present, it's been an odd experience to actually look for date prospects. Actually, it makes me feel sorry for those who are truly on this quest because the results of these challenge have been somewhat depressing.

Don't lose heart of love-seekers, I still have several challenges left to go and hopefully my continued 'research' will help you out in some small way. That is after all, the point. Well, that, and my own personal amusement with completing these challenges. Oh, and winning. : ] That Christensen competitive spirit - I am of course in the lead with the challenges!

Enough we go.

Thursday morning flights make for an interesting crowd. My flight was fairly empty and not seeing anyone of particular interest I took a row to myself. The only young men on my plane were from a high school soccer club league team. Don't worry, I steer clear of the youngsters. : ]

Oh wait, that's not entirely true. There was one other guy who looked about my age. He was however reading a book entitled, "I hope they serve beer in hell". I didn't quite know what to make of that. On a positive note, I love a guy who actually reads! They're few and far between it seems. Reading being one of my favorite hobbies if you will, I originally thought 'score'. But if beer and hell are in the title - I'm not so sure. Hindsight, should have asked him about the book. The titles of some books I've read would probably have had a similar effect on people who observed them.

So there's my confession, I judged a book (and a guy) by his cover!

What goes up, must come down. So I made it to North Carolina and then had to come back down to Tampa last night.

My flight was delayed by 2 hours which gave me plenty of time to scope the airport crowd. What an amazing place to people watch. For those of you who loves to observe people, the airport is the place for you. People are entirely more amusing when they're loaded down with stuff and flustered by their travel plans.

I decide to wait in line to get a diet coke. A guy gets in line just before me and as soon as I get in line strikes up a conversation. He looked my age, give or take a few years. He was headed to Chicago and I offhand said I went to school near there. He immediately looked shocked and asked how old I am (are people supposed to ask you this in the first 2 minutes of conversation?). According to him, I don't look a day older than 19. Weird.

I chatted with him for 5 minutes or so and he has inspired me to give all my single ladies and gents a bit of advice. Do not highlight your flaws in the first 5 minutes you meet someone. Ever. Success in life requires the ability to sell yourself. Highlight what you're good at, what you've accomplished, things that make you unique and worthy of the other persons attention.

Do not tell them you're STILL in community college trying to finish an associates. Don't really have direction in your life yet. Live at home. Etc. Even if ALL of these things are true - no need to pass along that info prematurely! While I encourage modesty, I do not feel this has to be at the expense of confidence. Self doubt doesn't look good on anyone people!

It probably goes without saying that we did not exchange numbers after this conversation.

I did have the opportunity to talk to several other guys between waiting and being on the plane. No one worth writing home about. But, I do think Southwest wouldn't be a bad option if you're looking for someone. You get to pick your seat so if someone you think is attractive is on your flight, go for it. Plop down beside them and without revealing all your flaws, have a chat. : ]

Also, depending on where you're traveling I think that flying is a good way to meet people with a more adventurous spirit. If they're flying to try a new vacation spot with friends, or making a visit to family - bonus points! Besides, who needs an excuse for a trip? Go for it.

Hope this adventure was somewhat enlightening. Hmm, what next?



Anonymous said...

You are a funny girl! Too bad we didn't get to work together longer. Keep posting. good advice on the boy search :)
Lesley Bateman

Lisa Parks-Connell said...

You would hate the book I hope they serve beer in hell. The guy that wrote it is a genius in the sense that he made a mint by writing about how much of a douche-bag he really is. I was sadly amused by the amount of people that were hurt by him simply because they didn't believe him when he would tell them how much of a jerk he was- and they would get upset with him when he was a jerk- although he never lied about that! I'm not condoning his behavior in any way- but it's just a testament to how much people don't always listen or trust others when they tell them the truth.