Monday, November 19, 2012

Roadtrip Weekend.

Okay everything on this blog is a little delayed lately but now that I've finished my final event for this season it may be safe to say I'll catch back up and be a bit more regular around here...but as sure as I say that everything will change.  So stay tuned.

Anyway,  I wanted to take the time to post some pictures from the Jacksonville road trip my friends and I went on the weekend before last.  After Pittsburgh and Indy I came back on a Sunday (after a Colts win) to prepare for to meet my friends in Jacksonville on Thursday night for another football game (you know I can never get enough).

It was truly one of the best weekends.   It was so fun to be with my Dad for lunch and pregame and nothing brings me more joy than my family and friends together.  I so love them getting to know each other and all the special people in my life getting along.  Ok fine, and the Colts winning was icing on the cake.

Dad snagged us pregame passes so we could spend a little more time with him down on the field.  I think after these I was too cold to take many pictures...

(Jason, Me, Dad, and Jared during pregame warm-ups)

 (Jason and I)

            (my sweet childhood friend/former roomie/small grouper/bff/favorite road trip buddy - Jess)

           (These two have quickly become two of my favorite people in the world - great guys.)

The boys followed me back to Tampa for the rest of the weekend which can pretty much be summed up by this photo:

We spent both days at the beach.  They spent it finding 102 sand dollars, two of which now grace my coffee table.

It was literally the perfect weekend.  I kind of want to go back and relive it again now that I wrote about it.

But don't worry, the travels keep on coming.

Never a dull moment.


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Amber said...

You're so busy, and I MISS YOU!!!