Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suggested Reading: Christmas Break.

Ok, so, I finished 100 books early and I keep getting message after message asking for suggestions on what you all should be reading.  If you've sent me one of these messages, hopefully I've returned it!  I try to keep up with them and suggest on an individual basis if I feel like I know your reading style BUT since I don't have time to play librarian every day - I thought I'd give you all some reading suggestions for your Christmas break (assuming you get one, which I hope you do).

If you love to read by the fire here's what I think you might want to have with you...(Note: I'm going to give you ten, this should be good for all my crazy christmas readers and college kids on break for a full month - the rest of you can pick and choose)

1. The Paris Wife. I four starred this one on goodreads. This book is fiction but based on the life of Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley, his first of four wives.  As a Hemingway fan and a gal with a love of all things Paris, this book really kept my attention.

2. The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. This one was given to me by Amber and I LOVED it. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads because I literally couldn't put it down.  If you like a little mystery and suspense but with well developed characters, this story should be on your list.

3. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen.  Ok, I love Jane Austen. I've been fascinated by her for years.  This book is loosely based on her real life.  Jane Austen was said to have had a love affair that changed her life and played into her writing and this book seeks to reveal the truth.  I was spell-bound.

4. Anything.  This book literally changed my life.  Just get it.

5. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns).  Hilarious.  Pee in your pants hilarious.  And oh so accurate.

6. Gone Girl.  Totally messed up and twisted but I couldn't put it down halfway through until I finished. I rarely read a book I haven't figured out the plot of 30 pages in and this one kept me guessing til the end.  For that, I say, worth the read.

7. Fearless. This book was incredible and so timely for me.  If you're in a transition period in life this book may just be on the mark for you.

8. Start Something That Matters. This book was incredible.  Inspiring, uplifting, motivating, and interesting all in one. I gave it 5 stars.

9. Slammed.  I recommended this to some of my favorite readers and we all agreed, we couldn't put it down.  We quickly read the sequel and we're all anxiously awaiting a third book out by her in March of 2013.  This is a great 'summer read' style book, so if you're planning on giving your brain a vacation this December, snag this.

10.  Testimony. I snagged this gem at a used bookstore and I LOVED it.  I went back and found another by the same author to read myself over Christmas.  This one has some scandal but in the end I thought it was beautifully crafted and written. A sad reminder of how quickly bad decisions can rock our worlds and change our lives forever.

Happy Christmas reading time loves. If you try any of these out send me your feedback. I will be checking my personal e-mail over the vacation break:


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I LOVED The Paris Wife. It was SO well written. Great choice!