Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twas the Week Before Christmas.

It's less than a week until Christmas day!  Anyone else having a hard time believing that?  It's just not starting to feel like Christmas to me after a couple parties this past week.  It's still warm and sunshiney here in Tampa, which probably takes away from the feel a bit.  But whether or not it dips below 70 here this month, Christmas is coming!

This past weekend I hosted a handful of friends for a Christmas brunch at my place.  It was so fun just to see and spend time with everyone before we disperse to our various Christmases around the country (or for the lucky ones, stay around and actually relax).

I made 2 new Pinterest recipes both of which actually were remarkably good and successful (this is not always the case for me).  And everything that people brought was delish. I finally had to invite friends over for a leftovers party to purge some of the extras!  Whew.

With a few days to go I need to wrap up work, scrounge up all my winter-ish clothes to pack, and today on lunch: finally mail my faraway friends their gifts.  So here they go to Indy, Chicago, Austin, and beyond.

The biggest debate of my week before Christmas is how many books to pack for my week up north... who wants to vote?

Looking forward to time with family, seeing sweet friends, cheering on the Colts, and playing with my new DSLR camera while up there.

Happy week before the C-day.



Katie said...

I'd say at LEAST one book per day. Maybe more given the downtime involved in air travel. ;) Have a great trip!

Darby Hawley said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas back home! Your brunch looks and sounds spectacular!

Have a blessed Christmas Becca!

Kenj said...

You always decorate so well! I am envious! Have the happiest holiday season!