Monday, March 30, 2009

Just give me a road and a little gasoline...

When I need to clear my head I always go for a drive.

Even though I live in the Road Rage capital of the US, I find driving to be relaxing. If I can get on the road, alone, with some music to fit my mood (usually a mixed CD) I can always refocus, cope, or rejoice. This works better when there's not traffic, but either way.

I drove to Orlando this weekend to reunite with Alyssa, my freshman year roommate from Purdue and Mer who I'm lucky enough to see regularly since were both down here in Florida. It was a Purdue Alum reunion!

The weekend was a great chance to catch up with two of my best friends, get a little shopping in, eat some wonderful food, stuff my face with key lime pie (all of our fav), watch The Hills (the show that brought us together), and just unload after a busy couple of weeks. It was just what the doctor ordered. I'm so thankful that Mer's place has become a sort of haven for me to go and regroup when I need it.

The drive there gave me time to think through the week that had just past. My work and all that we have going on during a very busy season. Jordie & the week we had together and everything that's going on with him @ school and such. My family, all the new developments there and the fact that I will be seeing them in less than two weeks (so excited). Reflecting on my friendships and how I'm doing at those. I made a few phones calls to friends I feel like I've been stacking on lately (sorry guys) and played catch up a little.

The drive was full of reminiscing. About the my friendships with Alyssa & Mer from beginning to now. About all the wonderful times that Alyssa & I had freshman year in the dorms. Oh how learning to live on your own is funny in hindsight! It was a time to be thankful for this past year and how God has grown me in so many big & small ways to bring me to where I am now. I've been in Tampa 11 months this week and what a beautiful 11 months it has been.

I hope you all had weekends like mine. I hope you find time in the next week to go for a drive and just think (or pray) out loud. I hope that you are blessed with friends like Mer & Alyssa. I hope your life is full of laughter and funny awkward times like I did this weekend.


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Meredith Evans said...

And oh, how funny and awkward our times usually are! Thank God I have people like you and Lys to keep me going...usually laughing, too! :)