Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Siblings - minus me - On christmas morning.

I would hate being an only child.

Having moved regularly all throughout my childhood, my sisters were my support system as well as my best friends. In many ways, throughout all the changes over the years that has not changed. They are still my support system & my best friends. I wouldn't trade my relationship with them for anything. I'd even go so far as to say I'd take 10 siblings if they were half as wonderful as the 2 I have.

Almost 2 years ago now I got to officially add Chris (on the right) to make my sibling count 3. Having been Ra's best friend for 5 years before they dated & married, he'd been in the picture for quite a while. I'd been considering him my brother for so long before he and Rachel got married that it was a no-brainer-transition. I've always wanted a brother, and he's great.

I was watching my cousin Wesley play baseball yesterday with my Aunt when she made an off-hand comment that my sisters and I probably do a great job of keeping in touch. It made me sad that while Rachel, Ruthie, & I remain close regardless of how often we're able to talk - I don't always do my part to make sure the lines of communication are open. This is something I want to purpose to make more of a concentrated effort towards. She also told me that my cousins talk at least once per day. Now that is how it should be. And so, I started last night by calling each of them.

God has blessed me in so many ways throughout my 23 years of life, but I think my sisters are the greatest blessing of all.



brez said...

i forgive you for jacking my format (probably public domain anyways), because of the facetime you gave me.

Becca Christensen said...

Bresford, sorry I stole your layout - I didn't even realize. But you know that I love you - and I'm so glad you're part of my family! : ]