Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Lost Art...

I think letter writing is a lost art. While most people would agree they love getting a handwritten letter or card in the mail (at least more than getting bills), how many people take time to send them anymore? Some of our parents or relatives but few of our peers, am I right? When was the last time you personally sat down and wrote a heartfelt letter for a non-occasion?

When I moved to Florida I set out to change this at least in my own life. As a lover of all things written, few things touch my heart the way a letter does. My Mom argues that there's no reason to pay 42 cents to send someone a letter if you could just shoot them an e-mail. They get it quicker anyway, right? Always thrifty, she is. No matter...I think it is worth 42 cents here and there to brighten the day of a dear friend. When she asks how I afford so much stationary and stamps I respond with, how can I afford not to shower the important people in my life with love?

Dad is always telling me that no one wants to be around someone who is negative. That positive people always have more friends because people want to be around them. While my head is frequently swimming with thoughts of my friends, I am not always quick to share them. This is where letter writing has helped me. It has cause me to take a time out from my crazy life to build those people up by sharing the thoughts that were in my head to begin with. By putting into written word the things that I love about them or why I cherish their friendship. Writing to say they're on my mind.

I keep an intense schedule and it is hard for me to find time to sleep, let alone do anything "extra". Making this a priority has benefitted me in so many ways. Helping me to express myself. Strengthening my relationships and building up my loved ones. Dwelling on the positive relationships God has brought into my life keeps me uplifted and grateful - keeping me in turn from taking for granted that provision.

People always find time for what is important to them. I am no exception to this standard. May the time I spend pursuing deeper relationship reflect my heart.

I committed yesterday to mail a card this week to everyone who sent me their address via facebook on that day. So I have over 15 cards to write this week (7 are done now - between last night and this morning before work). Bring it on. If you made that list, I hope you enjoy yours.



Ps: Don't tell my mom that equals $6.30 in stamps + stationary. ; ]

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Meredith Evans said...

I must tell you that ever since you sent me a couple cards in the mail, I've made it a point to send cards to a few close girlfriends, including my sister. It made my day to get that in the mail, so I'm paying it forward! Keep writing, lady.