Saturday, February 21, 2009


If you've seen the movie A Walk to Remember then you're probably already familiar with the concept of what my Dad calls "a bucket list".  These are your most grandiose goals. The few chosen items that you want to achieve, ultimately before you "kick the bucket".

My Dad once asked my Mom what was on her list and then proceeded to say that only a few of them were bucket list material.  My Mom is so selfless that most of hers were things she wanted to do for other people.  Namely, for us girls.  Some of them were small goals of things she wanted to try or learn.  

Dad never told me what his were now that I think about it, I'll have to ask.

So what's on mine?...

I remember when it felt like I would have truly lived when I got a drivers license or finally graduated high school.  Those felt like the ultimate goals at different points in life.  Then it was graduating college and finding a career.  Moving away to a new city on my own.

Not very grandiose, I know.  But as we grow, our dreams should grow with us.  We learned to see beyond the next year or two and think ahead to what we want our lives to look like.  That's something my Dad would always ask me, "What do you want your life to look like?"...I hated it growing up because I felt like it was such a loaded question. It was also alway followed with, "what are you doing right now to make that happen?".  I wasn't ready to think about forever - I just wanted to survive my next set of finals.

Let is suffice to say that I truly am my Daddy's girl because these 2 questions have come to haunt me in my new young adult life.  Ask any of my close friends - the ones I talk to for hours weekly.  They will tell you I've pondered these aloud to them and asked them the same questions with some regularity.  What I love about those same friends is that as we figure this out together we are growing and pushing each other through this together.

I'm not going to share my bucket list now - in part because it's always under construction.  But my boss told me this week that he thinks I should write a book.  He said my love for telling a good story would make for a throughly entertaining book, even if only about hilarious moments in my own life from childhood, through college, and now as a 23 year old sex ed teacher!

My Grandpa always wanted me to write a book.  He loved my stories (even ones about him).  I started a book once when I was 10 at his prompting, but to this day I'm not sure where that went too.  He asks me every Christmas when he visits where that is - and when I'm going to finish it.  But I never lost sight of that dream of his for me.  He has always been the biggest fan of my stories.  Laughing even as he tried to defend himself against my exaggerations.

And so, to my list I'm adding today that someday I want to be an author of more than just a blog.


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Anonymous said...

I like to think that even though we do not talk as much anymore we still are close in that we are always having the same thoughts. We need to talk more because I need another virgo in my life, ha.