Monday, February 2, 2009

The Breakfast.

Well, the breakfast was more than I had expected! This was the first year that they had opened the Super Bowl breakfast (hosted by Athletes in Action) to the public. So there were tons of people there. The set up was a bit strange...having so called VIP tables on the floor level of the sundome where the stage was and such. These people were served meals like a normal banquet style. While those in the stands had to grab food buffet style and bring it to their seats up where people sit normally during games.
I was able to sit at Table 60 (on the floor) with the Family First staff which was fun as always (thanks Cason ; ] ). It was great to see some family friends like RV Brown & the Gills as well as meet some new people, like Reggie White (a long time hero of mine)'s daughter. I also really enjoyed the music ...but sadly can't remember who the group was. Chris & someone I think?

Cason told me when we got there to take some pics and I was all proud I had my camera with me, until I realized the battery was dead. SO, I only have cell phone pics. Weak, I know.
Note to self: Remember in the future that a camera is pretty worthless without working batteries.

Ok, so other than that I thought that breakfast was fabulous. It was heavy on the NFL stars and I'm sure that was quite a draw for most of the attendees. But it was also great to see Coach Dungy honored by having several people from his past there to surprise him and say a few words.

What a great reminder that you can love the Lord AND be successful in a worldly industry. It's great to have lights.

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