Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Becca is...

...listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad the audiobook by Robert T Kiyosaki. My parents have set such an incredible example for me of how to be resposible and smart with their money and as I set out to be independent and successful in my younger years, I imagine I have to master this in stride with all the other lessons in my adult life. Oh finances, why can't you just be easy? But the book is good. Practical. Realistic. Entertaining. Already it has been very thought-provoking. I've written a list of questions to ask my own Dad. Oh yeah, I'm a dork.

...reading "The Lovely Bones" and contemplating what death looks like through the non-christians eyes. How would I understand death outside of my faith? It's been an interesting journey. And again, thought provoking. But the book is well-written and intensely endearing.

...tired from a long week of work and ready for the lovely Valentines weekend.

...excited about the Condo hunt which is officially in progress.

...thankful for the newest additions to her life & friendship circle - Christina & Amanda.


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