Saturday, August 27, 2011

Football Parties Ideas.

For me, everything's an event. My sister and I discussed over her visit our love for planning. We love to making packing lists, work on to do lists and prep work for days, run around our houses like crazy people the morning before we host dinner for friends - the chaos of planning an event is half the fun, for us. I realize this is not the way for many people who would rather order a pizza and relax in the company of their friends with no cooking and no dishes to do after.

Now, don't get me wrong - I can appreciate a low key hangout as much as the next girl. I love dinners out for birthdays or nights of grabbing fro yo and plopping in front of a Lifetime movie with friends. I don't need a big event to have a good time but I do love to plan! In the last year, thanks in large part to my Tampa bestie Auburn, I've grown to love cooking (even simple meals).

This was a long way to get to announcing that my roommate, Bekah, and I have put our football party of the year on the calender! We decided to host it on Sunday Night Football (so we'd be sure to actually get the Colts game here in Tampa) and it will be a rematch of the Colt's last super bowl appearance - we're playing the Saints, again. Hopefully this time ends better than the last (darn you, Drew Brees - my fellow Purdue Alum).

So now of course my head is swimming with all the cool football party ideas (and I'm welcoming any you may have as well). To get into the football spirit now that it's preseason I thought I'd post a few party ideas I've been collecting. First off, I LOVE all things football when it comes to entertaining and last year I literally broke the budget for anything football related dining item I could find (for a reasonable price, of course).

But what about the actual food, the decor, the party itself. Well I turned to the blogs to gather a few ideas I hope I get the chance to try...

Guacamole Football Field.

Find out how to make your own here.

Want something else to dip those chips in? How about this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip? Weirdly enough I don't like buffalo wings but I like pretty much anything else buffalo from soup to dip to sandwiches. What I really need is this tray to display it on...

I'm obsessed. Seriously, someone please get me this for my birthday (which is 3 weeks away, mind you) - it's from Target. ; ]

Ever played that stupid 'guess how many coffee beans are in the bowl' game? Well, I hate that. But I do like guessing the scores/outcomes of games and I wouldn't mind winning a bowl of M & Ms.

Who else is gathering ideas and planning some football fun?! I need MORE!



ashley said...

i've seen lots of great ideas on pinterest. i think this one stuck in my mind the most:

it's a snackadium and looks quite yummy! good luck with your planning!

Jess... said...

We definitely have more in common than I thought; I love event planning as well (and almost had a career in it!). I love seeing everyone enjoying something that I planned!

However... I have to say, I'm NAHT a huge football fan. I guess I just never got into it. My boyfriend is though -- ajor Jets fan since he's from NJ! Which is tough since all my friends are diehard PATS fan! :-p

aub said...

I do what I can, love! You always host great parties, but watching your intensity during football games is the real treat! :)

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I think we're doing an opening day cookout, but I don't have any of THAT cute stuff! :) Love it!