Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I forgot to update you guys yesterday that I've lost 6.4 lbs as of the week 3 weigh in for the competition I'm doing. No matter how well you do it always seems like you still wish you could lose more, faster, right? But I've settled into a good groove with counting calories and my Crossfit classes as well as my Shapes classes are giving me a good mix of workouts every week. Since Crossfit I've given up two-a-days for a while. Getting my butt kicked once per day is enough right now.

I'm leaving this weekend to head to Daytona Beach for my older sister, Rae's baby shower. I can't wait to see her (and her baby bump), my brother-in-law (Chris) and her family-in-law whom I love! After I visit them in Daytona my sis and bro-in-law will be coming back to Tampa for the remainder of of the weekend. I can't wait to finally show them the condo! I've been a homeowner for almost two years now but my sisters last trip to Tampa was before I had closed.

What is it about having your family on your own turf that is just so exciting? Showing her my place for the first time, cooking for her (a new skill I've learned since the last time I saw her), taking her to my pool (where I spend pretty much every Saturday/Sunday afternoon). I am literally giddy with excitement.

So in prep for a wonderful weekend this week will be full of cleaning, laundry, errands, etc. I've already bought my future niece her first presents, which I admit took me 2ish hours of browsing literally every baby product known to man. I will be doing some baking for the shower Thursday night as well. Plus packing (which takes me forever) and probably trying on all 70 or so of my dresses to decide what to wear (this is my first baby shower for a sister, it's important). Prep for these things is half the fun, right?

I think I'll treat myself to some new music before the trek - I still have the CD I made the first time I went to Daytona, for my bro-in-law's brother, Will's graduation party. Which I'm pretty sure I busted back out when I went over there for Thanksgiving the first year my sister was married. I actually love a good roadtrip and I now have 2 in a row these coming weekends. So exciting. I enjoy the time to sing, think, and call a few people I'm frequently indebted too in the phone call department.

Ok this post has been a bit of a ramble. I'll return you to your regularly scheduled excitement.




Amber said...

How exciting! I hope you have a fun trip :)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I wish I could lose 6 pounds, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Oh well! Congrats! Have fun with your sister!