Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Never Let Em See You Sweat...

Well, I promised this week was going to be BUSY and you know when I use that word - it's serious! I'm trying to squeeze in some car solutions - aka new tires, lights are on and off, ack. But let's keep this positive, here's some of the FUN I'm up to this week...

On lunch today I will be hitting up the end-of-summer-sale @ Nordstrom Rack. I'm in their inner circle' so they let me in early on the sale scoop. The sale starts today and of course, I want to be one of the first to browse the racks so I have to go on lunch, naturally. But also because tonight....

I'm headed to see Kelly Minter - author of the bible study my group just finished going through on the book of Ruth. She's a Christian music artist out of Nashville, TN and author of two of my favorite bible studies thus far - No Other Gods & Ruth: Love, Loss, and Legacy. She'll be leading us in worship tonight as well as speaking so I'm excited for both as my small group heads up to Tarpon Springs for her event tonight at Generations Church.

Tomorrow night I'm headed to the preview of The Mighty Macs in Citrus Park with my friend Daniel who graciously took off work to come along. I got an e-mail a while back sent out to several of Tampa's 'leaders' inviting them to a preview it before it premiers in October and I of course accepted. Who doesn't want to preview movies, right? I love spending time with Daniel - we just hit up both the Pinkberry AND the new Yogurtology openings in Citrus Park in the last month. We share a love of the Lord, fro yo, and all things Apple.

Thursday night I'm headed to Dinner Done, with my sweet friend Christy to prep some meals. This will be my third trip to DD (some of you may have read about it previously) and I'm super excited about my meal choices for this trip which are:

- Beef with rosemary gorgonzola butter and red wine sauce

- Bacon, cheddar, and spinach stuffed pork loin

- Cajun shrimp

- Parm crusted tilapia

Yum. Turns out this was a timely choice - as my last announcement (I think) for this busy week is that my good friend from my Carmel, Indiana days, Ashley, is coming to Tampa this weekend.
We will be enjoying this long weekend with a beach trip, a pool day, dessert @ the Bern's dessert room, a night out with some of my girls, etc.

I was going to put a picture of us on here but I can't find one taken recently enough that I even want to share it. Yikes. We'll have to work on that this weekend and I will show you her beautiful face after the weekend. Deal?

When I think about Ash and I's friendship one summer stands out above the rest. It was the summer before our senior year of college (mine at Purdue, hers at Indiana - yes, rivals). We must have been insane because we worked a part time job, a fulltime internship, AND waitressed nights all in one summer. We would literally start out day at 6am driving almost an hour to the Boys and Girls Club we interned at - be there til 5...commute back to waitress at TGIFridays til 1am - hangout after, and repeat. Then on the weekends we worked days at Coach and nights at Fridays. It was a BRUTAL, sleepless schedule but I'm not sure I've ever had to much fun.

So yeah, that's my week - what are you up to?




Liz Taylor Training said...

Sounds like a great week, I'm a tad jealous ;)

Neely said...

Your week sounds good! Im sending you a letter tomorrow!

Wiz said...

Sounds like a busy (but fun!) week! Also I used to travel a lot with my first job. I never went to Tampa but everytime someone did, they always went to Bern's to eat! I am bummed I never got to go!