Friday, August 5, 2011

Thoughtfulness Revisted.

Back in February I wrote this entry about my desire to be a more thoughtful friend. I swore to myself and to those of you who frequent this blog that this wouldn't be a resolution I took lightly but I would purpose, daily, to be the kind of friend I desire, a thoughtful friend.

Friendship seems to be a theme here on the blog. I noted this morning that I have tagged 28 (now 29) entries with the label 'friendship'. I blog about it so frequently because I think about it frequently. I'm always always always thinking about what it means to be a good friend and how I'm doing at it. I place high importance on friendships for a great number of reasons I've previously shared so I won't bore you with mulling over them all again today (though I also make no promises it won't continue to be a trend).

So flash forward 6 months since the entry I just re shared posted in February in which I promised to be a purposeful, thoughtful friend in 2011. I wanted to revisit that and tell you all how I'm doing. Now, friendship is a job that's never done. I know that I will continue to work at this til the day I die BUT I will say 2011 has been the kind of year I had planned it to be.

I've written countless cards, texts, and e-mails. I've sent surprise packages, recognized birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. I've forced myself to become a regular phone talker (I hate the phone as a general rule of thumb). I have made plans, visits, and effort to see people on their turf and be a part of their lives - not always expecting them to come to me. I have listened more and talked less (you all KNOW this is a challenge for me). I have even come to learn when to take off my social worker hat and quit trying to fix my friends problems and just me a sympathetic shoulder to whine on.

This has been a friend focused year for me and I can't begin to tell you the blessings I've experienced as a result of it. I find that I'm expecially thankful to those who have risen to the challenge and have given back as much or more effort. I'm thankful to all my friends who have fallen in love with writing letters as I have, because my mailbox has stayed full of colorful cards this year like never before. I'm thankful for hte people who continue to challenge me to grow and spur me on towards bigger and better things. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

(Hmm, probably the only marathon this girl will ever be part of... ; ] )


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Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I think you're an awesome friend :)