Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 Goals - Update #3.

Whew, well the summer is flying by in a whirlwind of heat strokes (almost) and thankfully, fun wiht my friends.  But I wanted to make sure before the summer slips away from me that I take the time to revist my goals for the year, how I'm doing, and where I need to kick my hiney into gear.  So let's do this...

First off, here's my original post on my goals.

1. Read 50 books.  Whew, glad we started with one I'm doing well.  Actually this is done.  I finished book 50 at the beginning of last week, 51 midweek and expect to have a few more finished up this week as well.  I've changed my goal to 100 books, which kind of terrifies me but I'm excited to embrace the challenge.

2. Leave the US. Done and done.  Went to Haiti in April as planned and I've already started paying for my January trip to Togo (in West Africa) where I will use my passport fo rthe second time ever.  You know, unless one of you would like to take me to Europe for my birthday or something.

3. Take DC by Storm.  Success, again!  I had the BEST time in DC back in May and honestly have thought of little else but going back since!

4. Skydive, even if only indoors.  Oops, this is in the redzone because I didn't even remember I had put this on my list.  Ok, well, time to get on that.

5. Lose another 20 pounds.  Well, I'm halfway there and it's halfway through this year-ish.  So I guess I'm on target.

6. Finally see my cousin play college baseball.  Well, this is not done BUT I'm going to have to give myself cred as I did attend one of his games...but he had to have surgery and is out for the season, so by no fault of my own this goal is unattainable for 2012.

7. Shower my niece with love letters. Check.  Baby Noey likes her Aunt B's love notes - or so her mom tells me.

8. The Super Secret Goal.  This is in progress.  Still can't tell you about it and it's not done BUT I've put a good amount of time and effort into it so far. We'll say this one is pending.

9. Finish 100 pages of my book (writing). Crap. Red zone goal #2.  I've written less than 20 pages so far BUT I did restart work on this recently so you never know!

10. Visit one new state on the way to 50. Hmmm, this is still pending as well.

11. Get back into photography, for fun.  Eh...I'm not really doing much of that yet.

12. Write.  Honestly, often, and here. Check. I've been writing all over the place.  Here, my new blog, the church blog, a journal, and the world's lengthiest to do lists and a book full of goals and dreams!  I'm a writing machine.

Ok, this was good. This was healthy.  I have to stop writing now and get back to work on completing these!



Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Fifty books is amazing! I'm glad your "secret" goal is on track :)

Amber said...

Do I know about your super secret goal?! I love that you shower your niece with love letters, will be so fun for her to read when she's older!

Kiley said...

Great list of goals, and you're doing really well! 50 books?! That's legit. You're putting me to shame this year. Im at like...20.

lil desiqua said...

Wow you are rockin your goals! Keep up the awesome work and have a great 4th of July!