Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

Ah, Thursday.  It's ok... be excited to have lunch with Jess and her kiddos today. (blogger friendship for the win!) be stoked about Yogurtology for the 3rd time this week, with Bryn after work (thanks Kari, Nichole, and Thomas for the first 2 nights). be slightly ashamed to be the mayor (on foursquare) of your bank, sonic, yogurt hangout, and gym.  Odd combo, I know. finish books weirdly.  I finished 3 yesterday after going a few days without finishing any. have Amber and my bff tracking their spending with me so I'll be better and better. be on a new budget/savings plan. be hungry whenever I'm counting calories. be proud of yourself for having 5 phone conversations this week, when you usually ignore your phone calls and dodge talking on the phone during non-working hours. keep a to do list, a planner, and a book in your bag at all times or feel naked (usually here's also an iPad or Kindle in there too). be stoked to read the books I got from the book swap (thanks Nichole!) be looking forward to a busy, productive weekend. be giddy over travel plans that are finally approaching. have boycotted free Slurpee day in honor of my sister, because I want me next one to be with her. keep your dating life on the DL. have the most amazing friends in the world (this is not in contrast to me friendship post earlier this week, this is in addition too) hashtag things #allidoiswin - right Amber?



Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

I think you're super smart to keep your dating life private!

Kari said...

Own those mayorships, girl! I'm proud of you, it's an impressive (albeit odd) list of places. It was great to see you on Tuesday. I love our Yogurtology dates! ALSO, I left you a little somethin' somethin' on my blog. Check it out!