Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Style: Travel.

I was revisiting my Pinterest boards recently to think through what to pack on my upcoming trips and it got me thinking about my summer style.  My June trip was to Daytona Beach and my July trip will be in Myrtle Beach in three weeks, followed by hopefully a trip to Indy in August and then I also have a tripped planned for Labor Day to end August and bring in September with a friend.

So in case you're looking for some packing inspiration here's a few of the outfits in my arsenal.  Most of these I already have all of the components, I just hadn't ever put them together quite like Pinterest inspired me too.

I don't have a cardigan that resembles this one, but I really doubt I'll need one any of the places I'll be this summer.  If so, I'll fill in with a different one I do have.

This one I am stoked about. I had pinned this months ago and refound it and repinned it to another board for one of my trips recently.  I have all of this and several items I could switch in and out to keep the same basic idea. This would be an easy outfit to pack and could be worn to any number of places.

Love. And again, have some semblance of everything pictured.

Here's a dress I have from the AE clearance rack that I'm excited to wear with nude heels or wedges and my favorite gold initial necklace and bangles.  I have an idea of where I'll be wearing this one, some of you might too.... ; ]

Last one for today comes from my Style icon...

I love that this is simple but summery and elegant.  I'm not always a fan of scarves in the summer but this one is well done.  So not that you have a taste of what I'll be packing...what's your summer travel style?


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Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Love the black dress and fedora!!