Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Style: Hair and Makeup.

I know summer's been happening in Florida for a hot minute but I'm just finally starting to think about my summer style.  I'm now shopping for clothes since I started my 7 month fast on the 1st of this month BUT Jess and I do have a giftcard shopping day planned for August, so I will get a few treats then (I'm taking GC donations, for any of your fellow shopoholics who want to contribute to what will be the best day of this year).

I did pick up a few things I'm allowed to buy this past week (non-clothes/shoes/bags/etc)...

On clearance, with an extra 25% off and free shipping - I purchased a new makeup bag for travel.  This is the St Elmo stripe from Kate Spade. As most of you can probably bare witness to, I don't wear a lot of makeup but I do enjoy playing dress up from time to time and the rest of the time, I enjoy an easy, minimalist look.  I'm working on my makeup collection this summer and I wanted a new home for it as I collect before my next few trips.

As I've been hunting for bargains on a list of makeup items I want to add to my arsenal I found Stila set's at Nordstrom Rack (when I was there making a return) and sprung for them.

I love the blush and lip gloss combo on the left, which is a pastel set.  Pink and peach are really great colors for me, makeup wise.  They also work well with my typically minimal makeup style (as in, this way I don't randomly have red cheeks, dark, lipstick, and street walker eye liner).  The set on the right has a coral and a pink lip gloss as well as 2 lip pencils (I need to practice with these, I've never actually been a lip pencil user).

Here's a little taste of the summer makeup style I love:

I love natural, pretty, simple makeup that highlights a person's best features.  These girls have it down pat.  Now, if only I had a makeup artist to do mine before I'm in pictures, that would be great.  In the meantime, I'v found some fabulous tutorials.

I'm in the process of growing my hair out a smidge and then I will be getting this haircut (just the cut, not the color or the manly facial features of this young lady)...

That's a great length for me and I want to be able to wear my hair in beachy waves later this summer (again, after I finish getting my hair to this length).  I plan to stay reddish brown, and will be opting out of highlights for the 2234932 summer in a row.  Highlights are not a good look for me, I don't have your bone structure (legally blond movie quote, anyone?).

I have a Groupon purchases makeover (haircut, color, foot bathe, and brow wax) scheduled in August, so I plan to make this happen then.  I know the summer will be nearing at end by then but a girl can't make her hair grow faster (or can she? I'll have to Pinterest that).

Not shopping for a month now has been rough, but I'm coming to terms with it.  I'm also making a detailed list of the summer/fall items I desperately want when I do get my one blissful day of shopping for the year (well, unless we add things - the council is allowed that luxury).

So a little late but better than never, you had a taste of where my summer style is going this year.  I also ordered Lauren Conrad's style book this week so who knows what fabulous ideas I might have soon.


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Café Moka said...

I love those summer styles! Pretty!