Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Mouthful of Money

The expression put your money where your mouth is has left me choking on mine lately. I'm growing increasingly hungry for simplicity. I desire that my life be one of purpose and that I keep my treasure where it belongs (and amazingly I don't mean my walk-in closet). Sunday as I was sharing all I've been learning and feeling challenged by with a friend while at the pool (after writing yesterday's post) I managed to talk myself into a challenge.

My sweet friend Jess and I are probably the ultimate consumers. We love clothes, fashion, furniture, decor, travel, and trinkets. And we have put our money were our mouths are as we seek to get away from a lifestyle driven by wanting what's new and what's next. For the rest of 2012 we are saying goodbye to all clothing, footwear, and accessory shopping and hello to grateful hearts for what we already have.

I spent a week in Haiti and experienced the joy of orphans who keep all of their belongings on the foot of their bunk. I promised myself I would learn from that experience and grow because of what I've seen.  The next six months are about attitude. About killing the constant inner nagging for more. For focusing on being thankful for my healthy, happy family, my beautiful little home, my loving friends, and all that the Lord has already blessed me with.

 In addition to learning to live without a few wants, we're refocusing that energy on meeting a few needs. Over the next six months we've committed to use some of the money we would be using on cute new summer clothes for travel and such on meeting others needs. I desperately desire to live generously. To consider the next 6 months a success I truly hope I end them not wanting to go on a giant clothes buying bender but having killed my gimme gimme gimme nature in favor of contentment.

So today I raise my dairy free, fake sugar'd coffee to the soon-to-be simple life.  Fair well ultimate consumerism and hello contentment and joy.  Now begins the journey...



Amber said...

You're so discplined! I need to do this. Lord knows I have PLENTY of clothes and shoes, some I have never even worn!

Leanna Vera said...

Good luck with this my dear! I'm impressed with how you've realized what will make you happier and how you're working to achieve it.