Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching up From Crazy (a few updates).

Remember that time I went to Haiti, came back and renovated my house, left the next day to explore DC, came home for 2 days before hosting my mom for a long weekend, and now my life is so low key I barely know what to do?  That was now.

This spring has been crazy and perfect. I've had the best time and honestly, I'm a little sad that life is slowly going back to normal-ish.  Oh fine, you all know me well enough to know nothing in my life is ever really normal.  But in a surprising twist of fate, this week has been pretty fabulous.

Here's a few reasons why/updates/etc:

I managed to get my room put together AND clean this week.  Always a good feeling especially going into the weekend.

I also managed to finally find the right colored bath towels during a lunch time trip to Marshalls the other day:

Side note: Lascoste and I see eye to eye on colors.  Marshalls and I?  We see eye to eye on price!  Love.  I had the idea of the color I wanted based on the fact that it's worked into the granite I recently had installed in my bathroom. This isn't the best picture in the world but you'll get the idea.

And after getting the bathroom clean and the new hand towel hung on the towel ring Mom and I put up last week I present to you, the new look:

Also happening at the batch pad this week?  A dog.  Yes that's right, crazy clean freak me who's known for not wanting pets or children has taken in a dog for a week.  May I introduce to you all, Buddy:

Buddy belongs to some sweet friends of mine who are in KC this week, and so Buddy and I are bonding over scary movies and poop scooping this week and having a delightful time, I must say.

I've been playing catch up around the house, having friends over for lunch Friday (more on that later), and will be playing catch up in the work and read worlds this weekend but by the time you read this on Sunday, I will be here:

Ah, short weeks, you do have your appeal.  Nothing but love coming from me to Memorial Day and the week that followed.



meghan said...

I really like those towels. It's funny because I don't have an eye for design, and if I had granite bathroom tops i don't think I would imagine a color to go with it. But when you put them together like that it's funny how much they match each other. Nice eye.

Established: 2008 said...

I hate cleaning my room but I LOVE how i feel when it's all nice and clean. Your house is precious! Loving the updates!

Jodi said...

Love the towel color and they look great in the bathroom!

Katie said...

Girl, you have been busy! Your bathroom looks so great-- the purple really works in there.