Friday, June 8, 2012

Bedroom: Before & After.

I've decided since I wanted to share this anyway to link up with Kelly for Show Us Your Life: Bedroom week.

Ok, I've been sharing that I've been working on my crib the last 2 months.  I showed you the revamped bathrooms, the new color scheme, etc.  But I haven't really shown you one the simplest yet biggest transformations of the summer so far - my room!

Jess and I painted my magenta wall after I moved in and it was a labor of love.  However, when I saved up and forked over the money for a professional paint job, it was time to say farewell to the magenta wall in favor of future selling of the batch pad options.  I admit that while I loved the wall, I probably wouldn't have been interested in a town-home with a magenta wall in the master bedroom and so I figured would the case when I one day decide to sell.  

So the before:

A few months back I had decided if might be time for a more grown up, serene look for my bedroom.  I had fun with the pink and the funkiness of have a zebra room, but maybe it was time to have a bedroom that looked like a 26 year old professional rested there.  I found a groupon for a plain white down comforter and went ahead and ordered it, thinking when I revamped, I would use it.  While my Mom was here she helped me piece this together and so I present to you the new and some might say improved bedroom of mine:

Simple, streamlined, classy.

I also added my reading corner which got a new lamp last week, bought on major clearance at Kirklands and I think it really completed things:

Beside my chair is a black leather...tote for last of a better term which is housing the books and magazines I'm currently working on.

I do have a new throw on the way for this corner.  The one pictures is fine but I got the chance to get a really nice bamboo and cashmere (odd combo, I know) one from One Kings Lane and I had several credits from them to pay for it.  The great thing about my color scheme is that I can move things around and repurpose them.  So this old throw came from somewhere else and will find yet a new home within the house.

The other side of my room with the dresser, TV, etv has stayed the same though all bits of pink have been craiglisted away to go towards future home projects.   You know me: reduce, reuse, or resell!

So welcome, to my new room!  The combo of a few great finds, and a little touch of minimalism!  More house posts to come, so stayed tuned over the weekend.

Happy Friday loves!



Nichole said...

LOved the before look! BUt the new updated room is gown up but still fun! Me likey!

Michelle said...

Looks nice!

Neely said...

I love that chair to death! I want!

Lauren said...

Looks awesome!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Looks great girl!

Katie said...

Looks great!! I love that you still kept the zebra lamp though for a bit of whimsy. :)