Saturday, June 9, 2012

Revealing: The Guest Bedroom & Giveaway Winners!

Hello lovies.

Let's start off with the giveaway winners.  I feel so honored that Kathryn would choose to giveaway three of her books on my blog and I know that each of your would benefit from her wisdom and advice.  I could of course only pick 3 of you and so this was a tough decision.  But I pulled in some help and finally have chosen three followers in very different phases of life! And they are:

Mia - who's married to a football coach and has had to move a lot and recently downsize while they sell. Being from a coaching family, I understand!

Mark and Melissa - who are homeschooling two kids! If you're going to be home all day you absolutely need that space organized!

Bet - a wife and new mom. I can certainly see how adding a third would rock your former order!

Congrats to each of the three winners! I hope Kathryn's book provides just the guidance you need! And by all means, when you've read it I'd love to hear or see pictures of how you use it!

I have a big announcement to make today. While 'Oh The Places You'll Go' is here to stay, it has given birth to a new idea for a second blog. It's been in the works (mostly in my head) over the past month or two and I will finally be introducing you all today. I want to keep this blog personal. I want to continue to muscle through the hard stuff, share my journey, travels, adventures, and big moments with you here. This blog is about my life and all the good, bad, pretty, and ugly that go with that. And so, I've found a new destination for another love of mine.  You will find the the progress and pictures of my guest bedroom here at She Hosts the Most.

I will only be posting there on Fridays and Fridays only. I don't expect you all to want to read posts from me everyday here and everyday somewhere else. Whew. Furthermore, I do not wish to drown in blog writing when I have so many other tasks and interests to attend to as well. I love to blog but I want that love to grow and continue, not to become a chore. You dig?

So scoot on over there and see what I'm newly up too. And before you stress, I'll be here, right where you left me, a few days a week until potential further notice.




Mark & Melissa said...

Yay!! Thank so much! How fun!
I feel like I should disclose that we are certainly NOT home all day! But, that is also why my school room can get messy quite quickly!
So pumped!

Bet said...

Aaahhh!!!! I am soo excited! Thank you so much! :oD