Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Playing Catch Up/Summer Reading.

After Amber and I decided to up our reading goals for the year last week (I'd already increased mine once but kind of a wimpy increase), I was behind!  I hate being behind at anything (I know this won't shock you, since you all know how OCD I am).  So I've spent the last week getting back on track. I have a book review posting on Friday and I don't want to ruin that so I will just tell you a little about the rest of my summer reading/catching up...

This wasn't my favorite Weiner book, but I liked that she did a 'murder mystery', a change up from her usual.  Still 'chick lit' to be certain but with a new twist for a writer with a niche.

I loved this book, which surprised me since I could never get into the Shopoholic series that was written by this author (under another name).  I'm not really sure what I enjoyed about this one, the story line wasn't one I normally would have been into, but I loved the way it was written.  I picked this up for $3 at Big Lots and it beat all my expectations.

Wasn't as into this one.  I loved the cover,which is why I bought this book but I have to say this story about life in the South was more than a little depressing.  I almost put it down without finishing but pressed through. I wouldn't recommend this one, even though it seems to be well read on Goodreads.

I've been on a break from my relationship with Sparks after everything he wrote started to sound the same.  But as I previously committed to do, I'm working through my bookshelves and this had been gifted me (I know it was a gift because it was hardback and we all know I'm way too cheap for that).  But I have to say in contrast to The Lucky One, I was really into this book.  I had it read in less than 48 hours.  The ending wasn't what I expected (rare with Sparks).  I think I will be saving this one for my older sister for a beach read when we head to Myrtle Beach next month.

Watch for my review Friday.  I'm currently working on 5 other books, so there will be much more summer reading to come.  I'll keep you all updated here, and if you're a reader and not already on it, I highly recommend you join the rest of us on Goodreads.



Krystal said...

Sorry you didn't like Girls in Trucks - it's my favorite book I've read this year. Granted I haven't read too many but I really liked it. I usually don't like fiction books so perhaps that is why I liked it and you didnt!

lil desiqua said...

Hmmm I'm disappointed about Girls in Trucks- it sounded so promising! It's still on my list, but pretty far down. Can't wait to see your other reviews!