Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Council.

Recently I read a book in which the author referred to her friends whom she'd go to for advice, support, encouragement, prayer, etc her 'council'.  I was thinking about that last night as two of my girlfriends came over for 'taco night'.  I normally have a standing Tuesday night commitment but I had last night off and knew enough in advance to make other plans.  I've been purposing to spend more of my weeknights investing in my friendships/relationships.  I invited the girls over and said I'd throw together an easy, healthy dinner.

We had ground turkey tacos with whole wheat tortillas AND we tried greek yogurt instead of sour cream for the first time and I can safely say we all agreed, it works!  I believe I read that idea on Pinterest. Anyway, I came home from work and threw together a taco bar (to which Jen said, 'do you always display your dinner so beautifully?' the answer is no, I don't).

We spent the next couple of hours talking about life.  From buying houses to budgeting to where are in our walks with Christ.  We laughed.  No one cried (ha ha).  And we ate our tacos and talked with no topic too big or small. And I thought, this is what Jen Hatmaker meant when she was talking about the council.  The people you do life with.  The people that you talk about the good, bad, ugly, and hard with.  The people who know your career goals, your deepest desires, and who will laugh about your awkward date experiences with you over diet cokes and skittles.

I've had an interesting friendship year.  I prayed going into this year for wisdom and discernment and I have to say that one of the hardest results of that has been the ending of a few relationships. I've seen the light and as a result, walked away. I've let go of people, of guys I liked, and even of commitments this year as the Lord has slowly but surely revealed truth to me in situations.  It's been a stretch.  

But sitting there in my sweatpants and baseball cap, eating the healthiest taco I've ever made, and telling my friends all the Lord is teaching me this year I realized, He's filled in those gaps.  I've had to move forward, move on, and even move away but in the holes created by that growth there has been time, energy, and focus on the relationships that remain.  The people I'm doing life with now aren't perfect but more and more I find that I'm investing in relationships I fully expect will weather the storms.

I'm continuing to put together my council and I find they're a wise, flexible, challenging bunch.  More than that I've had to take a long hard look at what kind of council member I have been for those who have placed me on theirs.  Am I bringing wisdom, discernment, and truth to their lives?  I'm working on that.  Daily.  In the meantime, I'm praying diligently for my friends and for continued growth in my life.

Put some thought into your own council this year. Who belongs and perhaps, who doesn't.  And consider what you're contributing as well.  Life is challenge for each of us as we encounter new seasons and who's in your corner, or on your council during those times makes a world of difference. 



Jessica said...

I just love you! You are so amazing and so inspiring. I'm truly blessed to have you in my life and call you my friend!!!

Ashley said...

I love this! I love the idea of calling the people closest to you your 'council'.